my name is catherine anne. i am a twenty five year old utahn, but seattleite at heart. i grew up just outside of salt lake city and my journey took me to graduate school to become a medical speech-language pathologist. i never would have thought my journey would bring me to washington, yet in retrospect, it all makes perfect sense

and i never thought the journey would bring me back to utah to be a speech language pathologist in a level I trauma center. my job is amazing; frankly, i'm still finding out why i am back and yet, sometimes, right back where you started from is not always a bad place to be.

my family is my rock. they are my best friends and they are my number 1 fans. i couldn't do anything without them and they are the ultimate support system. i would be nothing without them and i'm extremely grateful we are a forever family!

my friends are amazing. those who have drifted in and out of my life and those who have stayed. they've also been crucial in helping me become who i am today.

i love sports. there's nothing better than the energy of a seattle stadium, whether it's centurylink or safeco (LOVE the mariners). when it all comes down to it, i am a die hard basketball fan. my teams are mainly the utah jazz, oklahoma city thunder (RIP seattle sonics), and every single team associated with the university of utah (alumni and member of the football muss all through my undergrad). and you guessed it, red is my favorite color and march madness is one of my favorite things!

my grandpa says i always know how to order the best things off a menu. i'd like to think that's true. addicted to ice cream and chocolate, especially dark. those two are the answer to any problem, right?
 take me out for some really good thai or mexican food and i'm yours forever.

i've been described as a closet hipster when it comes to my taste in music. a lot of alternative/folksy/chill/indie rock music. but really, i listen to almost everything (i try to stay clear of heavy metal and country...sorry to those of you who enjoy those genres).

i am a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. my beliefs and my faith are the core of who i am and who i want to become. it brings me the most supernal joy imaginable. if you'd like to know more, go here and here and here.

favorites: all things british (especially the royal family). sleepless in seattle. HGTV. california coastline, or really any place with the ocean nearby. temple square. autumn. being out in nature. you've got mail. exercising (love/hate relationship with running, definite love for pure barre). cooking. baking. kayaking. hiking. sunday walks. sabrina (1954).  rainy days. nerdy things like star wars. take out + tent making + watching a movie. striped anything (polka dots come in as a close second). DQ ice cream cake. charade. twinkle lights. serving others. reading a good book. finding quotes and good words. young harrison ford. blush colored english roses and peonies. christmas music. pearls. photo booth pictures.  being a complete goof. car singing/dancing. people watching. blogging.
 and the list could keep going.

my bucket list, in no particular order: go to london. fall madly in love and be sealed in the temple to the love of my life. get my master's degree (and possibly a ph.d. or M.D.). have a forever family. own a house. attend as many temples as i can around the world. serve a mission with my husband. run a marathon or a relay (like ragnar or hood to coast). go to a coldplay concert. learn how to sing...how to truly sew (more than pajamas and aprons)...how to whistle...how to really dance. go to a broadway play and jimmy fallon in new york. speak spanish fluently. go to italy. go to costa rica and zipline through the rainforest. play a beautiful piano duet with my husband. learn and glean and grow from life as much as i can.

photo on the left: the amazing anna thorley
photo on the right: read here


  1. yayy for speech pathology! following your blog now :)

  2. I'm working to become a speech pathologist as well! Yay!

  3. Just found your blog, and it's uncanny how similar our blogs are! I think I'll stay and read awhile. :) Nice to [meet] you.

  4. this is so cute..especially love the you've got mail, that is my very very favorite show! xoxo

  5. You speak my language! My sister is a speech pathologist so I have so much respect for that. Reading, Mex Food, HGTV, Cali, All things British....Yes!

    So happy I found your blog. Have a pretty day!


  6. you are such a doll :) glad we are friends.

  7. Give me your hair! You're such a beauty!

  8. I accidentally ran across your blog and found myself staying awhile! I can relate to the love of words and the journey in life!!!

  9. Love your blog! I would LOVE to feature you on my blog for my series I Am a Mormon Monday. Contact me if you are interested and I will tell you all the details!


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