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It's been so much fun to watch Kylee's adventures over the years from school to mission to finding a new job and always looking adorable while doing it all. yet again, Kylee's posts make me think, "So. Much. Yes." Grateful for this cute girl's example and her blog friendship over the years. See her blog here.

No pictures of me and my boyfriend, no babies to go gaga over, no roses or candied hearts. Sorry, but you won’t get any of that from me. What are you even doing then? It’s like “she doesn’t even go here” or something. And to be quite honest, I felt the same way too. Fourteen days of love, huh? Hurry let me buy a pretend boyfriend and write extravagant tales about our love and lives. But then I bought a cheeseburger instead and thought about the truest, deepest, most needed form of love (at least in my life).

L O V I N G   Y O U R S E L F.

Is that not the most cliche thing you’ve heard from a 25-year-old single girl? Cliche or not, it’s where I’m at in my life and it’s also one of the hardest things to live by. Why is loving yourself so dang difficult? I’m not talking about diggin your outfit for the day or loving your new lipstick; I’m talking about the inward, eye sparkling, light shining, intellectually based, soul strengthening L-O-V-E one can, and should, have for herself. This theme is sort of popping up everywhere in my life right now. Certainly God’s way of saying, “hey Kylee, this message is for you. Do this in your life. I promise it’s the best thing for you”.

Okaaaaay, I hear you. I got the memo. But like, HOW?

And then the messages sort of die down and I’m left to discover the answer on my own. Maybe you have the answer already or maybe you’re in the middle of solving the riddle. Maybe I can help or maybe not, maybe we can only help ourselves. The question is, do we want to? I went to lunch the other day, by myself, at my favorite Mexican restaurant. I wasn’t sure if the chips & salsa should remain in the center of the table or if I should just embrace the situation and place them right in front of my face. I think that’s where this whole loving yourself thing begins, with an embrace. An embrace is a sign of affection, it has to be given willingly and is usually accompanied by enthusiasm. It’s often a gesture of support, it’s the go-to when no words suffice. Love yourself, embrace yourself. Allow for improvement and change, but don’t push aside the very core that makes you, you. We have divinity, personality, and originality.

You do you and I’ll do me, but make sure you throw some love in there.

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  1. Love this!! You have to love yourself first before you can love others.


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