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Oh, Holly. Where do I even begin? This is my MFEO BFF. We've been through so much in six years of friendship and I am forever grateful for her. I could go on and on, but nothing I could say would be enough, express enough. So just know, I love you to pieces, Holls. So grateful for you.

I recently listened to a talk about finding personal peace through faith. I loved the words I heard; faith gives you power, faith drives out all fear and in the absence of that fear you can find personal peace. It was a talk my soul needed, and it drove my mind to ponder another aspect of personal peace, finding peace with others and in your heart through the pure love of Christ.

Over the past year, I have reflected much on one principle from the book ‘The Four Agreements’ that teaches to not take anything personally. I think the reason this has been on my mind so presently is that in the last year I have taken on the new role of Mother, teaching me more about love than anything I have ever experienced, but in achieving that role, it has opened me up to a whole new world of people giving advice, whether I wanted to hear it or not. Admittedly I have had to learn a lot of humility, love and acceptance. In addition to learning about the love of our Heavenly Father for His children and learning true, unconditional love that a mother has for her child, I have learned the great lesson that generally, people act in love so don't get offended; people are to be loved, not feared. When I have had fear in my heart, feel offended, or won't forgive someone, I can't have that personal peace, something I deeply desire.

While listening to this talk about personal peace, I realized to find peace with others, I must see them through the eyes of Christ and love them unconditionally. For me this means the following:

-Assume the best intentions, in my own life, I know I have offended others but rarely have I ever meant to. Chances are this is how other people are to. People say things but rarely have the intention to hurt.

-The best friend of the previous point is to change your perceptions. Rather than assuming someone wants to hurt you, perceive what they are doing as coming from a loving place. I have someone close to me who speaks offensively often. In the beginning of our relationship it was hard for me to not be hurt. I have slowly learned they have the best intentions and have changed the way I see these comments as out of love. With this also comes….

-Immediate forgiveness. Our Savior forgives us immediately. That's what the atonement is, yes we ask for forgiveness, show humility, and strive to never do that thing again but our savior forgave us before we even came to this earth so we could have eternal life. So shouldn't we act the same? Forgiveness does not come naturally to our finite bodies and minds. It is not easy but immediate forgiveness, regardless of if the other person has apologized is how Christ, in his infinite wisdom and love treats us.

I am trying very hard to be better at these things, and these ramblings do not contain all of the answers. But I am grateful that for the past year I have been able to ponder on these things and be a little better at having love in my heart for others, even when I feel attacked or hurt. I am excited for the day that my heart will have perfect perception of others feelings and intentions and that my love will be perfected through Christ. And until that day, these are my earnest strivings, to have personal peace through the pure love of Christ.

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