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Today we have a post from my lovely cousin, Brooke. 

(Me, Age 7 | Brooke, Age 4 | Hope, Age 1 1/2)

While they moved back to Virginia when I was a sophomore in high school, we have had many, many good times and fun times together. We've remained close through the years and I've been especially grateful for her since I moved back from Seattle and she was finishing up her last semester of college. Over the last few months, we have had many good chats on FaceTime, spent time shopping and going to movies, snapchatting, and obsessing over Star Wars.

(us, awkwardly at gap during thanksgiving time)

Love you so so much, Brookie. Thank you for writing!

Let’s talk about Cinderella.

We are talking about the old one, not the new one. 

Sorry Lily James, it’s hard to beat a classic.

I don’t want to attribute my lack of romantic happiness to Disney Princess movies, but sometimes I think it gave me a false hope of love. I always thought that happiness would begin when I found my prince charming. He would sweep me off my feet; we’d have a great love story, and live happily ever after. The epiphany came after several heartbreaking events. I thought I found my fairy tale…more than once. When everything didn’t go according to plan, I was heartbroken. This left me feeling bitter, confused, and lacking faith in romantic love. As a result, I have learned that happiness is in the moments with those we love, and the small and simple things.

Love is about serving others, sacrificing, and putting others needs before your own. Love doesn’t have to be, nor will it ever be, all about longing for a fairy tale. If we refer to the movie Cinderella, we learn that she didn’t have everything handed to her. Things weren’t always easy, and all of her wildest dreams didn’t come true right when she hoped that they would. She worked hard, and had many long, hard days.

Exhibit A:

The same is true for our own lives. Our fairy tale most likely will not come right away. There will be hard days, and maybe we will have to sing to little mice to do the trick. Even though I might not believe in romantic love as of late, I know that love is what binds us all together. It is the most powerful force in the world. It is the reason we wake up every day, and why we say prayers at night.  

The small and simple things of serving my family, and showing them that I love them, are what bring me the most happiness and joy. One day romantic love might work out. But, in the mean time…I’ll just continue being grateful for all of the small and simple things that bring me joy, all because of love.

My small and simple joys:

getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make dad breakfast

  taking my sister to volleyball practice, even though I’d rather catch up on The Bachelor

leaving mom sticky notes on the washer and dryer telling her you love her

drinking a cherry coke

 when Vivi (our pet cat) is excited to see you when you come home

 finally getting my degree after years of studying something that I love

driving to the temple after a long hard day, and feeling peace

watching my brother help my sister make signs for her assignment due in the morning

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