i was praying on saturday late afternoon while driving to meet someone for dinner. i thanked my Father in Heaven for His timing in my life. while it takes a lot of humility for me to admit it, i am grateful He's the one at the helm and not me. He's the one unfolding things in my life, the timing always unravels just perfectly. how lucky am i that i get to be a participant in His orchestration of greater plans than i could ever hope for, dream for myself. my whole life has shown that, especially in my big decisions, of the last four years especially, and not only the big ones, but the small seemingly inconsequential decisions, too.

and at dinner, between bites of salad and sandwiches, the inevitable question came.

"so why did you leave seattle?"

i looked down at my hands and then back up at him with a smirk on my face. it was one of those moments where my inner catherine yells, "yeah, ya dummy. why did you leave?" but that still small voice whispers, "you may not know all of the purposes yet."

i responded, "i honestly don't know. but there have been experiences with patients...there are too many things that happened, too many people i have encountered that i know it was not coincidence that i received this job."

truly, my job and coworkers and patients have blessed and enriched my life in countless ways over the last three months, one day i've been a speech-language pathologist.

on sunday, my dear piano teacher from the time i was 8 to 16 came up to me after relief society and was talking to me about my job, life transitions, etc and out of the blue, she said, "i know you are supposed to be here. and He always reveals His purposes."

i started tearing up and left the room after thanking her.

if anything, i've learned that forbearance and patience often bring about the best results. while cultivating them is one thing and then nurturing them is a whole other ball game (the tears, the frustration, the time), i know they yield the best things in my life. patience is the key to submission to the Lord's will and submission isn't taking yourself out of the equation, saying "well, i guess it's all up to Him now". it is recognition of His omniscience to expand our finite mortal views in life and actively seeking to come into line with His view of you. while it may seem like baby steps or nothing is happening, no prayer goes unheard, no action goes unrecognized. and one day, His purposes are revealed. He loves you immensely, individually, intimately. He created you and knows you. He knows what you seek and He always reveals His purposes.


  1. That was beautifully put.
    - Ashley

  2. your blog always says the right things.


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