rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers 'til i reach you.

hearing the head & the heart sing this song at the amazon party (20 years of amazon, whaaaa?) brought tears to my eyes. that party (the head & the heart + macklemore & ryan lewis...with my good friends) was easily one of my many, many highlights from living in seattle. 

the head & the heart always speak to my soul. 

the next day, i was sick and stayed home from my internship. it was probably from swimming in green lake after institute earlier that week (there's always only one reason i ever did/ever will jump into that lake: a boy. woops.). i remember it was a very rainy friday spent under blankets, listening to the head & the heart and intermittently being awake enough to watch an episode of the office, hoping jim & pam would finally end up together (my first time ever watching the office, whaaaa?). a million candles lit all around my room & the upstairs of our house, continuous use of vicks vapor rub, and a quick jaunt to get some comfort food, i remember hoping and praying i could go on this date with this boy the next night.

i remember my heart ached, having crossed many rivers and traveled many roads, 
and maybe, just maybe, it could finally meet the one;
and it's funny that now, that all feels like a dream. 
and the ache is still here.
rivers and roads, rivers and roads, rivers 'til i reach you.

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  1. I love this song! I think it is so sweet-tragic, but sweet.


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