seattle happenings {from about mid may until august}

 {Carkeek Park, May 17}

{Camping at Larabee State Park, June 6-7}

{Green Lake, June 8}

{When you get back from California and you have a week before school starts, you love projects.}

{Cafe Rio Tuesdays happening every week! June 17}

{Discovery Park, June 21}

{Gas Works Park, June 22}

{Seattle "on fire" from Fremont Peak Park, June 24}

{Mariners, June 27}

{Temple, June 28}

{June 29}

{Getting some love from Dubs! Our school mascot lives in my building! July 1}

{Alki Beach, July 3}

{Naturalization Ceremony at Seattle Center, July 4}

{Carkeek Beach, July 6}

{Summer nights spent on the porch}

{Service Project, July 12}

{Last day of our adult neuro group rotation, July 16}

{Celebrating the one year anniversary of the day I received my endowment! July 16}

{Campsite in the North Cascades, July 18-19}

{Diablo Lake in the North Cascades, July 19}

{Chihuly with Carly and her parents, July 19}

{Wisdom from Dove during our Relief Society lesson, July 20}

{Golden Gardens, July 25}

{August 1}

{Celebrating Leah's engagement at Portage Bay, August 4}

{Vashon Island Ferry/Service Project, August 9}

{The Super Moon, Denny-Blaine Park, August 10}

 {Boating at Logboom Park (top of Lake Washington), August 16}

{Yu Yen Sundays: After his talk and sign at a going away party, August 17}

{Roommate FHE at Matthews Beach, August 18}

{A surprise from my roommate, Cassie, after my finals were over, August 22}

Now, if you've made it to this point (super impressed if you did!), I know you may have seen a lot of these pictures already from my Instagram. But here are some other unpictured highlights of the past few months: 

GRAD SCHOOL -- As hard as it was to study this summer, I loved clinic and my classes. I worked with amazing clients and I was so happy to be at school each day. Nothing greater than the feeling I'd have every day I walked into my building or the clinic and knowing it is exactly where I need to be. 

SUMMER IN SEATTLE -- Seriously, nothing is dreamier than this city in the summer. It was gorgeous, as you saw in some pictures. The temperature was between 70-80 (with the exception of a few hot, hot, hot HUMID days) and the sun wouldn't go down until 10! It was incredibly beautiful all summer and hardly rained! 

CHURCH--Institute every Wednesday night has been amazing and I've enjoyed getting to learn from my peers each week. It's often been the highlight of my week along with church every Sunday. I don't know how I got so lucky to end up in the ward I did, but I'm always so impressed by the strength of the members of our ward and the goodness they share with me and all those around them. Attending the Temple almost every week has been a huge source of strength to me while living in Seattle and I am very grateful I have a Temple so close! 

BARRE/RUNNING--Loved my barre class just five minutes from my house and running through neighborhoods all summer. I was training for a half marathon this month, but two weeks ago, I broke my big toe (I know, SO LAME) and it's fractured in a few places...so no go on the half marathon. :( However, I'm grateful I have been so active this summer! Our bodies are wonderful gifts from our Heavenly Father.  

OTHER -- June 16,  Sea Fair (with the Blue Angels flying over Lake Washington and being able to walk out on I-90 to watch the planes), WAYSAC dance, outdoor movies, hanging out with the girls in my program all the time, Hot Cakes, canoeing through the Arboretum, hearing the Compline choir on Sunday nights, roommate dinners, going to parks and beaches, etc. 

Overall, it's been a fabulous summer and as I'm approaching my Seattle-versary (can you believe it's been a year?!), I can't wait to see what future adventures Seattle has in store for me! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and to have all of these experiences.


  1. you are just so beautiful. seattle looks like a dream.

  2. This makes me want to go to Seattle! I lived there when I was little and I've never been back. Definitely a must!


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