a girl's best friend.

on the first day of my summer quarter, june 23, 
my sweet pup of 7 years old passed away. 

my wilson. 

wilsiano, wildo, sam dog, wils pup, odin sam, cuteness, wildebeast. 

it was very unexpected and heartbreaking. wilson became such a huge part of our family; it was almost like losing a sibling.  however, there was nothing we could do to save him after he'd had a procedure the night before and we knew it was his time to go, as hard as it was. i instantly felt like he was being taken care of by our previous dog, wattson, and my grandpa newman, who loved our wilson dearly. i held onto that happy thought for the days following his passing. i don't think i've cried that hard in at least two years.

a few days later, i was at the campus bookstore and i found this curly girl design magnet. 

it was perfection, especially with the little dog like wilson on the end, and i immediately mailed it to my family.

{the last time i was home before wilson passed away}

{the last time i facetimed with wilson}

i'm grateful we had our sweet wilson for so many years. his greetings when i came home from school or work were the very best and he always knew how to love us best, through happy times, sick times, sad times, etc. he was the most loyal and loving dog a girl could have. 

on june 28, my family met a new pup to fill the void left by wilson's passing. although no dog will replace wilson, it felt a little too soon to me on some days. other days, i felt like our family couldn't live without a dog and we needed this sweet pup in our home. 

we started to come up with many names and i wrote them down while we were on the phone. some were the serious contenders and some were just funny. 

and brinkley just fit. 

you know, like "brinkley is my dog." and "brinkley and i will be waiting."

here's one from the night my family picked brink up--july 10. 

and then i finally met him in real life on august 28 (two months after my family met him for the first time) and i just can't get over how sweet he is. 
maybe it's my english blood, but i'm a firm believer that dogs are such a huge source of love and affection for families.

welcome to our family, brinkley.
 thank you for filling a void, helping us through a difficult loss, and becoming a sweet part of our family. 
i love you, i love you, i love you. 

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  1. My condolences for your loss. I've never understood the attachment people have with their pets...until this summer! Jesse and I adopted a kitten and I have been really humbled by how much I've learned about love. It's strange how much animals teach us about love and innocence. Enjoy your new little puppy! He's adorable :) -Leslie


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