a few brief "i..." statements

i listen to "you've lost that loving feeling" (righteous brothers, not hall and oates...though i do love me some h&o) way more than any normal human should.

i love basketball beyond words and get riled up about games more than any normal human should. come on, thunder.  (thanks for those genes, dad and grandma.)

i maybe have too many celebrity crushes and i felt sad about george clooney getting engaged, because clearly, he was probably the last hope for me.

i keep dreaming of the day when i'll know someone loves me and shares everything with me...it'll come, all in good time.

i finally joined the rest of the world and got an iphone (used, but great nonetheless). thank you so so so SO much, dad, for finding one for me and sending it up here. not thank you, LG whatever, for completely biting the dust on me not once, but twice in the last 15 months and deleting all of my pictures and contacts the first time you died.

i hope one day to see coldplay in concert. all time favorite. i can't remember ever hating a song of theirs or album they've made. musically, they can do no wrong in my eyes. can't wait for their new album. on a related note, i'm still sad about the "conscious uncoupling" (wah wah) of gwyn and chris. 

i bask in weather in the 70s. 77 degrees is the perfect temperature to me and seattle treated me to that favorite temperature today. summer is basically here. can't wait to experience the famous seattle summers everyone talks about.

i think candlelight and twinkle lights make everything infinitely better.

i forgot how good yoga is for my body and i'm glad i'm rediscovering it now. namaste, y'all.

i made banana bread the other night and there's nothing more comforting that anything in a bread pan. wouldn't you agree?

i have my last adult client tomorrow until summer quarter, which is sad, but i start pediatric evals in a week and a half until the end of the quarter and i'm getting jazzed about that.

i feel exhausted after a long day. so, goodnight, dear void.

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