six months in seattle

six months ago today...
"i guess that's the last time i'm going to see the sun in a long time, " i said to my mom as we started coming out of the sunnier cascades and passed through misty snoqualmie, came across the bridge, and saw the city i'd be living in for the next two years. it was pouring rain and we pulled up the truck into the muddy hill of a driveway at my house. my dad and i quickly unloaded all of my belongings while my mom talked to debi and sarah, two of my roommates. we unpacked some of my things, drove to the hotel, and had dinner at the cafe on the ave. later that night, i went to the birthday party at my new house for one of my other roommates, natalie, later that night. to say that party was an overwhelming glimpse at what certain aspects of my life would be like here...that would be an absolute understatement. first impressions are most always right.

i remember laughing a lot and sharing good memories with my parents during the weekend i moved into seattle. of course, there were a lot of tears, but there was a lot of discussion of possibilities and hope and excitement. i had been given an opportunity to chase my dreams, but more importantly, i had received a huge answer to the prayers i'd been offering for years. 

coming to seattle is part of the story of how i become who i'm supposed to be, i think. at least that's what i've been starting to realize. as i've said before, it's a time of displacement, growing pains, experiences for my good, however you'd like to phrase it.

today, i had my last class of winter quarter. after taking one of my finals, i sat in the quad with some friends from my program--some of the most kind-hearted people i've come to know and love in the last six months. it was an afternoon filled with cherry blossoms and warm sunshine before coming back to eagleson hall to work on final assignments and study. one of the things i've looked forward to since moving here has been the cherry blossoms on the quad and today, i finally got to see them, reminding me good things always come in time. it was the most wonderful little love note for my soul today--sunshine in my soul today, if you will. and yes, the sun shines here in seattle, more often than you would think. 

so, maybe first impressions aren't always right. there's always more to the story and so much to be learned. the sun's always there and shining for us, it just takes faith and seeking it out a little more fully in our lives. the same goes for His Son, Jesus Christ. one of the many lessons i've had to remember time and time again while living in seattle--He is my advocate. Because of His Atoning Sacrifice, He knows how to succor each of us on a level more personal than we can comprehend at times,  and He always makes up the difference for my imperfections and shortcomings. But we have to seek His light and take steps of faith each day to let it reflect in greater measure in our lives.

(ps: there will probably be about 50 more cherry blossom pictures on this blog over the next two weeks...sorry, not sorry.)

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