one of my obligatory ryan gosling finals week posts

hypothetically, when you have to write one of the worst research papers of your life thus far (and you've done many) and, of course, you have a serious sinus infection-cold-coughy thing going down,
what happens to you?

weird coughing, sneezing, snoring sounds emit from you, while awake or asleep. 
all i could think of was this scene, for some odd reason. however, it's fairly accurate.

you also will make many weird comments, some involving a guy, to your roommates, referencing scenarios (it's all down hill once the notebook starts being referenced) similar to this:

everything makes you laugh and all you want to eat is pizza.

and a million other little weird things happen.
1) you're a weirdo.
2) all kinds of shenanigans go down, because your brain is so foggy and all you want to do is nap forever, but you're too busy synthesizing information about the human voice and research design and treatment/assessment techniques and writing a systematic review. 

the end is so close, but the main point is...

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