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I feel so honored to have Jenaya posting on my blog this afternoon. Jenaya and I are currently just social media friends...Instagram, blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, email...and yet I feel so much gratitude for her friendship. She is an incredible woman. And isn't it amazing that I know of how strong her testimony is and her love of life is only through the communication we've had via technology? It really is a testament to the kind of person she is and how she lives her life. I am very grateful for her example and the way she has inspired me. One day, we're going to do something together in real life and solidify this friendship. 

Check out her blog {here}

Thank you so much, Jenaya! 
It is truly such a pleasure to have you posting today.
Love ya. 

I am so thankful for Catherine and her invitation to guest post on her incredibly inspiring blog. Without this goal in mind I do not think I would have taken the time to fully document some of the feelings I am experiencing, pertaining to love, at this time in my life. What a treasure it has been for me.

( Alicia and I must be kindred spirits, our love for children is very similar :) )

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a mother. As a toddler I mothered my Kid Sister doll and would “play house” with her everywhere I went. When I became school aged I played the mom as I would manage and take care of my Barbie families. At the ripe age of 11, I created my own Babysitting business, complete with scotch tape laminated business cards. I passed these out to neighborhood families, church congregations, and had my parents take them to their friends at work. My “business” was quite successful and I remember many of my weekends being booked with babysitting jobs.

They did not feel like jobs to me though. I truly enjoyed being around and taking care of children. I loved their curious, gentle, honest ways and how I always felt most in my element when I was around children. In high school I began a part-time nanny job and continued being a nanny for a few different families over the next ten years, excluding the 19 months I took off to serve a mission for my church. As a nanny I loved getting to play house yet again! Through church teaching positions, volunteer work, my mothers in-home daycare and having 10 nieces and nephews I seemed to always be surrounding myself with these special little spirits. I have learned much from and about children, which helped me as I studied and received an undergrad in Child Development.

Here I am now at the age of 30, married and expecting my first child. Though I am not at the age I imagined I would start having children and it did not come easy, I am thankful to look back on my life and see the many ways I have still been able to mother over the years. Each day my husband and I thank the Lord for this new beautiful opportunity we have to become parents and all He has entrusted us with. Jon and I are overwhelmed at the joy and powerful type of love we already feel for our little babe growing inside of me. As we were retiring to bed one night I was thinking of this type of love and it reminded me of a special love I already experience each day. I began formulating my thoughts into a poem...

How can I love someone so much
though I have never laid eyes on them?

How can I love someone so much
though I have yet to hear their sweet, gentle cry?

How can I love someone so much
though I have never felt their touch?

And yet I do, my precious growing baby.

How can I love someone so much
though I was not there to witness His miracles?

How can I love someone so much
though I was not there to be taught by His sermons?

How can I love someone so much
though I have yet to feel the scars in His hands and wrists?

And yet I do, my dear Savior.

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