Sometimes, it's a fairytale. Sometimes, it's not. -- Lexie from A Little Bit of Eternity

This morning, we have Lexie from A Little Bit of Eternity. I stumbled across her blog a couple of years ago and I am glad she would post again this year {post last year}. I love reading her sweet and sassy, (but mostly sweet) blog about her life, her love, and her love of life. I also think it would be a blast to go to Disneyland with a big group of Disney fans like her! You are beautiful, Lexie!

Thanks for being willing to post again! Love ya!

I remember writing this post last year and only mentioned the cute wonderful things about being in love. And trust me, all of that was SO true. But this time I want to tell a not so romantic {LOVE} story. Which means it was adorable... but not in the most romantic way. Ok... here we go.

I have anxiety. Its been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I get nervous or have an attack I pretty much develop flu like symptoms. You can probably see where I'm going with this and I'm sorry. But keep reading OK? We'll all get through this together. 

So last week Brayden and I went to Disneyland with my family. It was awesome. Disneyland is my favorite place and having my favorite boy with me just makes it that much better. Oh I love him. Everything was magical and he sang to me during world of color and I cried. I mean who doesn't cry hearing and seeing the scene in Aladdin "A whole new world! For you and meeee!" I get choked up just thinking about it! So romantic, sweet, and perfect. We had to leave the next day and I walked out of Disneyland feeling on top of the world. PERFECT trip. NOTHING went wrong. 

And then people... we got to the airport. I had been on such an enchanted Disneyland high (you know stuffing myself with churro's, buying Disney swag, hugging princesses, the usual) that I had completely forgotten I had to get on a dang airplane.... I don't like it. I don't like flying, I don't like being inside this little tiny tube of death with a million other people, thousands of miles in the air. So that's when my anxiety shows up and taps me on the shoulder and says "its me again! feel my wrath." 

So naturally I start freaking out. My hands get clammy, my cheeks flush, my stomach grumbles, my chest tightens, they call our seats to board. I tell Brayden I'm freaking out. He tells me everything is fine, it's a short flight we'll be home in no time. 

So we get to our seats and the flight is delayed about 10 minutes because of some issue. (great! more for me to worry about) and I turn to Brayden in 100% sheer panic and say the sentence no one wants to hear or say when on an airplane. "I think... I'm gonna throw up."

Ok so here is where the story is romantic/ not so romantic. My husband just takes charge! He grabs that little white barf bag (you know the complimentary ones) and says "its OK, we got a barf bag here you do what you need to do." 

You're probably wondering... what the heck does this have to do with love or valentines day? Well let me tell you. Brayden held that little barf bag the entire flight! He didn't set it down, he held it in his hand ready for anything with out any hesitation. It was the most awkward, sweetest thing I have ever experienced at the same time! He did other sweet things of course like consoled me the best he could. Rubbed my leg, let me rest my head on his shoulder while I shook like a little puppy. But him holding that little barf bag overwhelmed my heart. Because that is just Brayden. He just does stuff like that for me ALL the time and words cant express how much I love him for it. 

I hope this Valentines day everyone remembers their "barf bag" holding friends. We all have them. They could be a mom, or a best friend, a sister, a co-worker, a brother, and in my case a husband. The people who go above and beyond to tell you and SHOW you how much they love you. And make sure you are always striving to show that kind of love back to everyone you meet. I hope you don't have to hold a barf bag on an airplane for anyone, anytime soon. But I hope we can all give love, share love, and be loved just like Brayden loved me that horrible hour and a half flight. 

Happy Love Day everyone! 
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  1. This story made my day! Thanks for sharing it. I love moments like that.


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