Our Savior's Love -- Kenna from I Left My Heart in New Zealand

Today, we have Kenna from I Left My Heart in New Zealand. I stumbled upon Kenna's blog through her sister and Instagram. She is a person that radiates happiness and love in all she does. She's been featured in the Deseret News (a newspaper in Utah) and I think maybe a few other places (LDS Living, maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong, Kenna). She knows the secret for turning heartbreak into a heart filled with love--building a strong testimony each day and relying on our Savior, Jesus Christ, every moment. 

Thank you for being willing to post, Kenna!
Love ya!


Through my young adolescent eyes, Valentines Day was always held in the highest esteem. As students in junior high, we fellow peers could buy tokens of admiration for a dollar, and secretly get them sent to our cutest classmates. As we grew out of high school and entered our older years, we started calling it Singles Awareness Day... perhaps in defiance; perhaps in rebellion. Oh February, the month of love!! This month I will be celebrating the one year mark of finalizing my divorce... Whaaaat?! Talk about romantic!

This month I'm not necessarily celebrating a love lost, (though this particular loss is worth celebrating,) but I'm celebrating a love I found through the love that I lost. I'm celebrating a love, so untainted and pure, too perfect it feels like utter magic.

I wouldn't say my vision of Valentines Day is ruined... altered perhaps. As a little girl I dreamt of having someone to love and cherish forever, and more than anything my little girl heart wanted someone to love me that way back. I wanted someone who would always buoy me up. I wanted someone who wouldn't belittle me or my efforts in life, someone who would unfailingly see the best in me, despite my unattractive and - at times - monstrous moments. I wanted someone who was honest, always and forever unchanged. 

Through being left I was found. By falling down I reached up. It's a divine paradox - simple and strange and fantastic. Though love was lost, love was gained. Through heartache I found precisely where my heart lies... Through rejection I found open arms unfeigned. 

I found that love I so desperately sought after as a little girl. I found someone who cherishes me, not only despite my weak moments, but because of them. I found someone who sees me for everything I can be. I found someone who not only sees the measure of my creation, but someone who literally sacrificed His life precisely so I could discover it.

Yes, through being left I was found, and Who I found surpasses all expectations, infinity times over. Happy love month to each and every one of you! May you all feel loved, cherished, and adored.

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