Love is pretty neat. -- Natalie from Sleeping Sturgis

This morning, we have Natalie gracing us with her presence. I adore Natalie. She has brought me so many good times, good insights, and good friends in the past four years of knowing her. Ever since I met her and Ally at Paradise Cafe (I crashed Rosie's dinner with her close friends and the four of us ended up talking until they kicked us out), I knew I was in for a treat. Now, we're three time zones apart and doing crazy, hard things. She texted me a couple months ago to check in and we both were questioning our sanity...grad school is for fools, but I also don't know how she's doing Teach for America and at the time, planning her wedding on top of it all...hats off to life jugglers! She just got married to Marky Mark over the holidays and I was so glad I was home to attend her bridal shower and her wedding reception. Both events were filled with good friends, good food, and most importantly, so much love...a testament to the way they live their lives and the kind of friends/humans they are to everyone they know.

Thanks for always being so wise and wonderful, Nattles/NALLEN. Love you.

Check out her blog {here}.

Alright, well a big thanks to Cathy for inviting me to write on her blog. She's pretty blog famous as you all know. That's because she is a really great and genuine person. Also, thanks for still being my friend even though I sometimes call you Cathy when your real name is actually Catherine. I'm just a sucker for fake nicknames. And I'm sort of a jerk.

Love is pretty neat. 

I'm definitely not an expert, but here are my two pennies.

Love is different than I always thought it was, but it's also better.
I've learned that it's not some elusive, magical feeling that is only available to certain people.
Love is for everyone. It is always available in some shape or form.
I haven't spent that much of my life in a romantic relationship (unless you count Ben & Jerry's), but in my limited experience I've actually been pretty surprised.
Love is a lot more practical than I always imagined it to be. It's a choice.
Like when Mark cuddles up to me and finds a string cheese wrapper stuck to my leg from earlier, and chooses not to kick me to the curb for being disgusting.

Basically, when the person you're with sometimes drives you crazy, you have a choice: to turn your back on them (momentarily or permanently), or to choose to love them anyway. That's when love counts. Anyone can be in love when it's easy. 
It's more meaningful to be in love when it's difficult.

I think that something really important to also note is that love can't and shouldn't try to be forced. You shouldn't have to play games or be someone else to find love. I should know. I've been known to dance around like a fool with my sweats pulled up high, be really obnoxious and embarrassing in public, and make really unflattering faces, and I found someone perfect for me. There really is someone for everyone! Hahaha.

My man John Steinbeck says it pretty well...

“Don't worry about losing. If it is right, it happens - 
The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.”
--John Steinbeck

To be honest, I'm actually not very good at being in love. Luckily, Mark is a much more tolerant, patient, and forgiving person than anyone I've ever met, so I get to learn from the best. 

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day.

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