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Here's a post from my little (not so little anymore) sister, Hope. She has always been wise beyond her years and I'm grateful she is my forever best friend--my sister! She is the beauty queen, the most intelligent, the most talented girl you'll meet and I hope to be more like her when I grow up!

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Love ya to the moon and back, forever and ever, Hopie J!

I have always adored Valentine’s Day (Single’s Awareness Day as some of us affectionately refer to it.) All joking aside, I believe this holiday is about much more than romantic relationships—rather, it is a celebration of all kinds of love! In the words of the ever so wise Jack Johnson,
Love is driving to school with Dad in the morning and him cracking cheesy jokes just to see a smile spread across his grumpy daughter’s face.

Love is Mom listening to you rant for an hour and a half, answering “No” after you pause for the millionth time to ask, “Am I crazy?!”

Love is when a text from your sweet sister arrives just at the moment you needed it most.

Love is when your little (or not so little) brother offers to go beat someone up for you. Obviously he wouldn’t actually inflict bodily harm upon someone, but it’s the thought that counts. ;)

Love is that group of friends who you feel at home with, who you can trust with your heart, who you can share hopes and dreams with.

Love is your dog waiting expectantly at the door and the happy greeting you receive when you walk in.

Love is your seminary teacher, Brother Young, shaking your hand at the door and being genuinely interested in how your day’s been.

Love is dancing in the rain with your best friend or letting a sigh go as you admire a bright blue autumn sky.

Love is when God lets us slip and make a mistake because He knows our full potential and wants us to get stronger.

Love can be found everywhere!
In a world so consumed by bitterness and hate, it just takes extra effort for us to open our eyes to it.

Now. A quick word about that other kind of love.  There is a reason they call it “falling in love”—it literally* feels like you’ve taken a jump off a fifty foot cliff, your heart on fire the whole way down. It’s scary, and sometimes it hurts when you hit the bottom; however, you learn more about yourself and what you’re searching for in life.

So….. A note to that future someone:

There’s no rush. Let’s figure out what we both need to before we get to figuring life out together. Nonetheless, I still look forward to the moment we know we belong together. I promise that I’ll look at no one else in the world the way I look at you, that I’ll try my best to think of you before myself (we all know true love isn’t selfish!), and that I’ll love you for all your odd quirks. Neither of us will be perfect, but that’s okay.

Until then, know that I’m thinking of you. 

* I promise they changed the meaning of “literally” in the dictionary. Captain Literally can’t get me for that one.

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