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I think anyone who reads my blog knows about Holly, my MFEO BFF. 
She's posted on here both years for me and I am so excited she would post again. 
She's one of my rocks in life and I am blessed to have met her three almost four years ago. 
My Heavenly Father knew I would need a friend like her over the past few years and I'm so beyond grateful He put Holly in my life. So thank you for always being there for me, Holly! Love ya!

Check out her blog {here} and previous posts {here & here}. 
thank you, dear catherine, for letting me apart of your 14 days of love! 
i love this girl and i'm grateful for all she has taught me about selfless love.

i (we) really like adventures. there's nothing more thrilling than a new place or a new experience. there are times when my heart wishes i could have grander adventures. i see people my age going on trips around the globe and seeing amazing things and i think, man, how nice would it be to not have to work but have a lot of money then just get to travel the world with greg all the time! in reality. i work in a treatment center, i love my work but i don't make much. greg is in school full time and we have big dreams for ourselves, and right now, those kinds of adventures just aren't for us. 

in december, greg and i were lucky enough to go to our friends', Natalie and Mark, wedding. the ceremony was wonderful. the officiator (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland) said many beautiful things. he pointed out that marriage is a choice and once you make that choice, it continues to be your privilege to choose how you would like your marriage to go. when things get hard, you get to choose to stick with it, etc. this idea has been on my mind and it has led me to a lot of different places. one of these thought trains ended up at the point of adventure and how loving someone is an adventure. 

an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

everything in life is adventure and especially love. if love isn't unusual, exciting, hazardous, than i don't know what love is. this small insight has made me completely change my view on life and adventure. adventure is also a choice. George Eliot said, "Adventure is not outside man, it is within". i spent a lot of the past few years wishing for adventure that was outside of my control when in reality, i was living so many wonderful (albeit simple) adventures, the greatest of which being married to my wonderful, darling friend, greg. 

so here's my goal for this year of love (its 2014, aka 2.14, it has to be a year of love). to remember that love is an adventure. by committing myself to loving this incredible boy, i've agreed to a little bit of risk but i've also signed up for a lot of exciting and unusual reward. i've signed up for waking up next to my best friend everyday. and coming home from a long day of work to my smart husband who has had an even longer day of studying. i'm on the adventure of learning how to cook gluten free and figuring out how to care for a (sometimes) sick hubby. we're getting to go on road trips with friends and spend time with family. we're navigating our future, figuring out when to start our own family and how to get through school and what to do for grad school. 

so yes. our life isn't perfect. and rather than going to Europe or South America, our adventures are usually hiking or cooking together or studying/working for hours on end, our life is an adventure. because we're living it together and loving it together and we've chosen to see life as an adventure. learn to love something. then make it your own adventure. and happy month (and year) of love. 

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  1. holly, i love you! and greg! and catherine! also, i would give about 10,000 friendship dollars to go on an adventure up millcreek canyon with you right about now. also, i found the original set of notes you gave us from out wedding. by far our most thoughtful gift. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!


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