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Krista Joy and I grew up together in the same neighborhood. I am ever grateful for her and her sisters for being my friends in Young Women (a church organization for girls 12-18 years old) and teaching me through their examples. Their family is one of my favorites in our neighborhood and they are examples of pure love to me. Krista is kind, beautiful, and smart--I'm excited to see where her life takes her in the next few years and beyond...she has all the potential and talent in the world! 

Visit her blog {here} and read her post from last year {here}!

Thanks, Krista!! 
Love ya!


There are few people in my life that I can point to as being more inspired than Miss Catherine, and even fewer who follow through on the inspirations they receive. I say that because I truly believe the timing of Catherine asking me to participate in her "Fourteen Days of Love" project was inspired. 

Less than 48 hours before I got Catherine's invitation two things happened: 1. One of my roommates and best friends got engaged!    2. A different one of my roommates and best friends was broken up with. Since then, I've watched as each of them dealt with their life change: some days were good. . .some not so good. There were moments of pure bliss and some of complete frustration. 

Love is painful. Not only does it have the power to cause emotional pain, but physical pain as well. Because of love, our hearts get broken, and sometimes our will goes down with our heart. We lose weight because of worry, stress, or a loss of will to eat. We lose sleep because we can't turn our minds off, or because we are afraid of our subconscious. We cry because we are helpless to improve the lives of those around us, or out of frustration that the work we are doing goes unnoticed. We live through the boredom of countless sporting events, choir concerts, and dance recitals. We listen for hours we don't have to spare and try to forgive the hurt caused by a thoughtless word. We second guess ourselves, believing we are not good enough or we did something wrong when someone leaves us. We build up walls to protect ourselves from feeling the pain again. But in doing so we only hurt ourselves more.

But really, love is worth it. Because love is joyful. Nothing in life has the potential to bring us greater joy than love. The joy of love is everywhere. Look around you and you will see love effects of love in almost everything. Love has the power to pull us out of worry and despair. It is hopeful and brings perspective. It is in the laughter of a toddler just learning to walk and a professor taking time to talk to his student. It's in the proud smiles of loved ones cheering you on. It's in the heartfelt note and tight embrace. It's behind the times you laugh until you cry and the pictures on the walls of your house. Love is in the moments of contentment when no words are necessary. It's doing the dishes, cleaning the house, or making dinner to show appreciation. It's a phone call or text message out of the blue. It's spontaneous road trips and celebrating, just because. It's holding a newborn baby and dancing in the rain. It's the glance between newlyweds and a couple who has been married for over 30 years. 

When we talk about Valentine's Day, most people immediately think of romantic love. But that is not the only kind of love and shouldn't be the only kind celebrated. Because even when it is painful, love is beautiful, powerful, and omnipresent. It is what moves us and transforms us. And that, my friends, deserves to be celebrated. 


  1. Love this. I enjoyed your perspective. Writing the powerful words Joy and despair. You have experienced through friends recent examples. Be happy for both one who has a future with her true love and one who does not have a future without love. I hope the days and prayer help your friend. Her story will have a better end. Good luck!

  2. Oh, Sista. I love you! Now, come hold and love on Will!


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