long weekends are always good for the soul.

despite a few rocky parts here and there, 
i felt like the long weekend was a major success. 

friday (after my 14 days post): calming talk with my mom + three heaven-sent valentines in the mail + bunches of red, white, and pink tulips + awesome lecture from one of the voice gurus of our field (worked with him at ncvs!) + chipotle pomegranate salmon dinner + making cutler's sugar cookies while skyping my family.

saturday: homework + traffic on the way to bellevue (time to make some phone calls, on speaker phone of course) + temple + alderwood mall (didn't buy anything, but loved browsing) + olive garden takeout and watching stepmom + billiards & hot dog taste tests in capitol hill with a random group of people.

sunday: church is always so soothing for the soul + a four hour nap (whaaat?) + chipotle pomegranate salmon, round 2! (you know you live in the PNW when you get two salmon filets for $5 on valentine's day, yeah you heard me...$5!!) + carole king and driving in the rain + a truly sweet visit with my bishop and his family + downton and the olympics.

monday: sleeping in + homework + more carole king and rain + brunch at cafe flora near the arboretum + pedicure at a cute salon across the street (i love the madison area!) + studying + 1.5 hours in traffic on I-5 + detour to a nice mexican dinner in belltown + laundry + the tonight show with jimmy fallon.

thanks, presidents, for the holiday.
it was a renewing weekend. 
back to the grind of school, definitely felt it today...
 but it was nothing some homemade coconut shrimp tacos 
and a little power nap before homework couldn't fix. 

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