how many trips to safeway does it take to make homemade chicken noodle soup?

a rainy seattle week called for purchasing a khaki london fog rain coat on wednesday (aside from a little flimsy jacket and some hoodies, can you believe i didn't have a warm coat with a hood here before now? ) and homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday.

and the answer to the question as the title?

first trip, i got everything i thought i needed for the soup, along with some garlic bread.
as soon as i walked out, i remembered i had forgotten the noodles.
i walked back in and got them.
then a half hour later, i had a little mishap and needed some more chicken broth.
at least those three safeway trips & an hour produced some delicious soup and great leftovers for today.

and sometimes, you curl your hair and you look great on a friday, but your night is spent at home and working on homework. school is wonderful, though, and i'm very grateful to be here.

happy weekend.

{homemade chicken noodle soup recipe here}


  1. homemade chicken noodle soup sounds amazing!

  2. you are so good to cook! and homemade chicken noodle soup! there is nothing i hate more than multiple trips to the store in one week, let alone one day! but i agree, leftovers are the best. jealous of your seattle days.


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