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I am very grateful to have Julia posting today! She has been one of my very best friends from college. We became friends during our freshman year at the University of Utah in our nutrition class and through our sorority and I'm grateful for her friendship. She's the kind of friend that we can go months without seeing each other and still have the best of times/feel like nothing's changed. I'm very grateful for her, her wisdom, and her compassion. The day I came back to Seattle after my long winter break, there was a Christmas package at my house from her and truly, I felt it was heaven-sent. Thank you, Julia, for always being there for me and for posting! {Check out Julia's blog here & see Julia's posts from previous years here and here}

Thank you Catherine for letting me post on Fourteen Days of Love again this year! I look forward to it every year! Love you to pieces!

People used to tell me that love would find me when I least expected it. I never really believed it... that was until I met Eddie. Our story is a kind of a funny one. 

A year after I graduated high school, my friend and I decided to have a BBQ in her backyard with a bunch of our old high school buddies. We bought way too much food so she invited her older brother and his friends over to help us out. We were sitting around the campfire talking when she turned to me and said, "Julia, one of my brother's friends looks exactly like Orlando Bloom." I laughed at her and told her she was crazy and thought to myself, "no one could be that good looking." You see, since I was in 6th grade, Orlando has been my dream man. I even had a cardboard cutout of Legolas and an old Orlando Bloom scrapbook to prove it (see embarrassing picture below). As I was telling her that she was crazy, Orlando Bloom himself came walking through the gate. My mouth dropped and I literally screamed in shock. At the time, I was 99% sure he had heard be and thought I was a crazy person. He was wearing a dark hoodie and had the whole Will Turner look going on. Needless to say, I creepily stared at him the rest of the night. Luckily, he didn't even notice me that night. (Catherine remembers this story because I told it to her in class the next day. Oh the memories!)

I saw "Orlando" one other time at a party before he noticed me for the first time. That first time came along a little over a year later at a Utah football game. Me, being the ginormous Ute fan that I am, had my hair in Indian braids complete with feathers and a beaded headband. I may have also been wearing warpaint. Basically, I looked like a total dork. A big group of us were standing in he MUSS when "Orlando" came with a friend and stood on the row behind me over my right shoulder. I honestly don't think I even knew what the score was the rest of the game because I kept making excuses to casually look behind me and check him out. 

A week later, my friend was talking to one of "Orlando's" friends and then came over to me and said, "Orlando Bloom has a crush on you!". "Excuse me??" I said. Apparently, it took me looking like a total dork for him to finally notice me. After the game he asked his friend who "Pocahontas" was.

It took "Orlando", also known as Eddie, over a month to finally take me out on a date. I went into it thinking that it wasn't going to go anywhere because he was way out of my league, and because he would soon realize how dorky I truly was. But ever since that first date over 2 years ago, we have been inseparable. "Orlando Bloom" quickly became my best friend. Love found me when I least expected it in the form of someone I never thought I would find.

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