thank you, twenty thirteen // hello, twenty fourteen

one of the most rewarding and trying years of my life...i wouldn't have had it any other way. it was certainly a year for the books--a year of miracles happening, a year of dreams coming true, a year of learning and growing more than i ever have.
grateful for you, 2013!

signed up for my first half marathon with holly

a lot of family birthdays
a lot of all nighters for school
jazz vs. okc with my siblings

5: accepted at UW...i couldn't hardly believe it!!!
finished undergrad research with my mentor, one of the best!
spring break
a lot of worrying and praying
big decisions to make and still awaiting two other decisions

2: accepted at the U of U
9: my grad school decision is made
15: accepted at ASU
i already made my decision and accepted!
last day of undergraduate classes
institute graduation

2: university of utah commencement
3: official graduation

15: first half marathon completed! (thanks, holly, for doing it with me!)

last day volunteering at primary children's medical center
a lot of family history work
a lot of time spent with my family
learning how to golf from thomas, but most importantly...

family staycation in park city
prepping for seattle
a lot of fun seeing friends before i left
last day of my job at NCVS

6: last day of my job at the church office building (job of the past three years, three months!) 
12: left my home and drove to boise 
13: arrive in seattle and move in!
15: first sunday in seattle and my parents leave to go back to utah 
18: first time at the seattle temple, kerry park/gas works park 
23: first day of graduate school 
25: first REAL day of graduate school 
27: mariner's game. 

going crazy with midterms
spoke in my new ward
some crazy dates and some good dates
so grateful for the good ones in my life in seattle

a lot of peace about where i am and what i'm doing and who i'm becoming.
going home for thanksgiving!

completed my first quarter of graduate school! 
home for the holidays!

hello, twenty fourteen!
i'll turn 23 (june 2014), reach my one year mark in seattle (september 2014), 
and complete four more quarters of graduate school at UW.
 i can't wait to see what else you have in store for me, new year.
 more 2014 resolutions/thoughts to come!

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