ten facts from yesterday

1 | Sometimes, you just gotta take a solo drive around on a beautiful sunny day. And go to lunch by yourself. Then go to a matinee by yourself. And then keep driving around for a while.

2 | Chris Pine has once again proven why he has been one of my staple man crushes for the past ten years. Yes, Princess Diaries 2 came out almost ten years ago and he's just kind of adorable in the quirky Just My Luck...and I've stuck with him through it all until he became the dreamy Captain Kirk (quite possibly the only reason I got into Star Trek) and though Jack Ryan isn't his best role, I enjoyed him in it.

3 | I love blasting music in my car while going through carwashes...it makes me really giggly in a weird way.

4 | Safeway, you can't just go playing "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey when I'm not expecting it. I will start singing along quietly. There goes my month long streak of non-weird grocery shopping experiences.

5 | There's something cathartic about vacuuming. A clean house means a happy Catherine.

6 | I feel like I've gotten a lot of Vitamin D in the past few days. Yay for snowless Januarys in the PNW and beautiful weather (even if it's still damp cold).

7 | I did not even make a dent on my to-do list for school over the weekend. I did a few of my readings, but I just couldn't bring myself to do anything major yesterday.

8 |  Downton Abbey + a cozy throw = one of my favorite things on Sundays.

9 | Yes, that last fact is technically from Sunday and not yesterday, but I don't care.

10 | I've thought a lot about convictions and what makes people who they are the past few days and I absolutely love this quote by Martin Luther King, Jr. (the whole reason for yesterday...what an amazing man and legacy): "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

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