la vida sueño

{January 27, 2011}

I've had this stuck in my head for the past few days...

"Darling Sabrina, la vida sueño. 
Your life is a dream and now it is over."

Mostly, that picture is at the top of the post, because Holly and I always laugh about Rosa in Sabrina. 
Mostly, I couldn't believe that picture was taken about three years ago. 

Three years ago, who would have thought I'd be living in Seattle, Washington 
and going to grad school up here?

I certainly didn't know where my life would take me over the past three years, 
but I'm beyond grateful for all of the dreams and prayers and hard work that guided me here. 

I have to say though, my life isn't a dream. 
It's real life. 

Sometimes, I cry while I walk to my bus stop to get to UW. 
Sometimes, I call my family a few times a day, because I miss them so much. 
Sometimes, I have overwhelming feelings of wanting deeper connections here, though I'm not alone. 
Sometimes, I have to go for drives and remind myself of why I'm here.
Sometimes, I get really afraid of being hurt by people and build up walls. 
Sometimes, I really mess up in friendships and relationships. 

But, guess what?
My life is really wonderful most of the time. 

Most of the time, I walk into my building at school and instantly feel peace.
Most of the time, Seattle lets the sunshine through and even when it doesn't, it's still a beautiful place. 
Most of the time, I feel very happy with the people who have come into my life here.

And really, I know how lucky I am. 
I know my life is good all of the time, because... 

All of the time, I know my family is a phone call away. 
And even better, all of the time, I know my Heavenly Father is just a prayer away. 
All of the time, I am very aware of God's love for me. He's guiding me every step of the way.
All of the time, I know I can be made better each day through the Atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows me in a way deeper than anyone can comprehend, in a way deeper than I can comprehend, and through Him, my burdens are made lighter. My soul is filled with light and love through Him. This is the greatest gift we've been given and I hope I am always being the best recipient of it.

"God's gift put man's best dreams to shame." 
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I am not a perfect person, very far from it. But I'm trying to be better each day. 
And if you think anyone lives a perfect life, keep dreaming. 
At one point or another, we need to let that dream be over. 
Perfection is a process, no one will attain it in this life.
That's how it's intended to be. 
The best thing about life is the process of becoming perfected each day, little by little. 


  1. I'm so excited to read your 14 days of love posts! Love you Catherine! :)

  2. thanks for this inspiration tonight! XO



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