between the garage and a mansion

"She's just a displaced person. She doesn't belong in a mansion, but then, she doesn't belong above a garage either."
-Thomas Fairchild, speaking of his daughter, Sabrina

When I flew back to Seattle after a wonderful break, I almost missed my flight. It was terrifying actually, but I made it two minutes before take off. Upon landing in Seattle, I broke down into tears after reading two texts from my parents. It was a rainy morning and I waited outside with my luggage for my roommate, Sarah, to come pick me up while fighting back tears. 

I  know this is where I'm supposed to be, but I also miss being with my family. 
I love Washington, but it's hard being 800 miles away from those you love. 
I have made wonderful friends here, but I have wonderful friends I miss seeing and talking to regularly. 
Simply put, there's not enough time or resources to try and be in two places I love at once.

Right now, I think a good word for me is "displaced".
 Even though I know my journey is helping me learn a lot about who I can become and helping me grow into who I need to be,
I feel displaced in a lot of aspects.  


This whole mortal experience of life is being displaced. 

Luckily, we have anchors.
Our family. Our friends. Our faith. Our goals. Our memories of good times.

These anchors help ground us when we feel displaced. They remind us of the happiness we've experienced, the joy ahead of us. Right now, I don't belong in a garage. I know my worth and I know I deserve to have that worth recognized and magnified. But I don't quite belong in a mansion. I still have a lot of rough edges to be smoothed, a lot of parts of me to be perfected. And it's a process. It's a process we have to trust in to help us become who we're supposed to be. I'm grateful for the experiences I am having to help refine me and one day, I know I won't feel so displaced.
I'll feel right at home.



  1. Wow, this post really resonated with me. I often feel displaced as well, but didn't pinpoint it until you put it into words here. Thank you. And I greatly admire you for embarking off to Seattle to further your dreams. I feel like your life is just so magical and beautiful. You have such a beautiful and uplifting soul. Love following your journey!

  2. Love you Cathy. I want to come visit you in Seattle.


Thanks for making my day!

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