the sixteenth

Okay, so...
the sixteenth 
has also brought some wonderful things into my life, too. 
(Can you tell I've been feeling really nostalgic this weekend?)

One year ago today, I was falling in love with the University of Washington and Seattle. At that time, getting into the school ranked third for my field seemed impossible to me.  A  tour of the prettiest campus, an interview with overwhelming feelings of peace and love, and going to Pike Place with my dad (Seattle Great Wheel, Lowell's for dinner, the flowers, the fish throwing, all of it). Then of course, topping the night off with some peppermint dazzlers from Haagen Dazs and a walk down the always interesting University Ave. 

Four months ago today, I was at the Bountiful Temple, receiving my endowment. It was the most special experience of my life thus far. So much peace and love felt from my family and from up above. It was the happiest experience, one I will never forget, one that made the journey and the preparations of my whole life beyond worth it. My baptismal covenants and temple covenants have been and always will be anchors for me.  

Three months ago today, I had spent a wonderful afternoon at the Salt Lake Temple with my siblings and I was getting these pictures taken by Anna. 

And, finally, 
one month from today, 
I will be home for Christmas Break!! 

I've been playing these songs all day long: 

(Can you tell I watched The Holiday this week?)

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  1. Love this post :) The Holiday is one of my favorites!! Also, you are so dang gorgeous Catherine!


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