the fifteenth.

I woke up this morning and reflected on how the
fifteenth day of each month unintentionally has brought 
wonderful little moments into my life...

Two years ago todayI had my first thoughts of attending University of Washington for graduate school after a meeting with one of my professors at the University of Utah.

One year ago todayI was flying up to Seattle with my dad to visit the University of Washington and have my interview. We had Thai 65 and Haagen-Dazs, then we came back to our hotel and I prepped for my tour and interview the next day.

Seven months ago today, I announced my decision to go to the University of Washington.

Five months ago todayI finished my first half marathon.

Two months ago todayI woke up with butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. I attended the Seattle YSA 2nd ward with my dad for Sacrament (because my actual ward, the YSA 3rd, met later in the day), we came back to the hotel where my mom had packed up all of our bags, and my dad gave me a beautiful priesthood blessing. Then, we had lunch and my parents drove away from my new home with the promises of "Next time we see each other...". I attended a regional fireside with my roommates and then a housewarming party.

One month ago todaymy dad and I were at dinner at Duke's Chowder House by Green Lake. He was up here for a business trip and he reminded me to find someone to "be good to his Annie bug", but more importantly, he reminded me to continue to enjoy school and reap all I could from living here. He gave me insight and perspectives on things in life that I needed so badly that week.

...And today, along with each one of those days, has made me realize that God is so aware of me and loves me. After reading my posts/journal entries associated with those days, I could never deny this fact: He's made my life into something so much more wonderful than anything I could have mapped out or planned out. I'm grateful for the knowledge of His love for me, for each of us, and I'm grateful that He always guides us to where we need to be, whether we recognize that in the first place or in retrospect.

I can't wait to see if the fifteenth day of each month continues to bring wonderful things into my life.

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