"love life and see good days" // a big ole photo update

 Two weeks ago, I had visitor! Carly came up from Portland and it was so wonderful to see one of my very dear friends!! When she arrived on Friday night, I drove her through campus and we had Elemental Pizza in U Village, then we drove to Kerry Park (a Seattle must!) and got this beauty of a picture:

We drove around downtown while Carly took pictures of the Space Needle from every single angle...the far right is her best, don't you think? Soooo proud of it!

We had hot chocolate from Chocolati (the best hot chocolate you can have in Seattle) and drove around the city some more. We saw Thor 2 with a big group of people and then we went to Gas Works Park afterward. It was the longest and most exciting Friday night I've had in a while!

Can you tell how excited Carly was about the Space Needle? Can you tell how annoyed I was with having to put the club/lock on my wheel every time we got out of the car? Thanks, Dad, for buying it to keep me safe. And thanks, Carly, for laughing with me about it every time. Gotta love "clubbing up the car" and living in a big city!

On Saturday, we walked around Pike Place and downtown for a few hours. The far right picture was from the cutest store we found just off of Post Alley called Watson Kennedy. I wanted to buy everything in the store. Think Anthropologie on a smaller scale.

Of course we had lunch at Pike Place Chowder (the best!) 
and enjoyed looking at all of the crafts, flowers, food, doing all of the touristy things. 

Just before I contributed my piece of gum to the gum wall. So gross!

And as you can see, we were overjoyed to be together for the whole weekend! It was so good to laugh and be a tourist for a weekend with her in my city! I am so glad we are just three hours away from each other and I am already looking forward to visiting her in Portland in January. Thanks for coming up here, Carly! It was the best!


Life hasn't been super exciting in the Emerald City since Carly's visit.

A lot of studying and hot chocolate and being a Seattleite 
(studying and having hot chocolate at a cafe). 

It has suddenly been super cold (going from 40s to the low 20s) this week, so I've spent a lot of time in front of the space heater and covered up in blankets (recognize the zebra snuggie?). Our home teachers made up a song about each of the roommates using Debi's harp. The line about me was "Ohhh Catherine, what long beautiful hair you have..." So silly. 

I had two individual sessions with my client in the last two weeks. For one of them, I did a Finding Nemo themed day where we went fishing for some of his words and we moved Dory and Marlin along the wall after he completed each word until they found Nemo at the end. (Notice how I had to edit the picture? Gotta love HIPPA!) It's been so fun to work with this sweet little boy and he's made so much progress during the quarter! It will be so bittersweet to finish this clinical experience with him in two weeks!

All in all, life is so good here. I have my ups and downs, but don't we all? I feel like I've finally adjusted and I can be better about being someone who "love(s) life and see(s) good days". I was talking to my parents last week and I told them, "I have had such a happy day that it's radiating from me!" Then this picture of me happened while we were talking...

Gotta love parents and technology, right? :)

Seattle is such a beautiful city and I feel super blessed to live here. 
Even if the sun has been setting at 4:30 PM now, I look forward to these beautiful sunsets. 

Despite everyone thinking it constantly rains, we have a lot of beautiful blue sky days. 

And we even have palm trees!! 

I think after insane amounts of studying and being sick this week, 
I deserved a little doughnut breakfast today, right? 
Thank goodness, it's Friday!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Looks like you're having a blast in Seattle! I'm glad it's treating you well :) Can't wait to see you when you visit SLC again!

  2. seattle is THE best. i'm happy to see it's becoming your city! if we moved, it would be to washington. love.

  3. looks like such a fun trip! i've always wanted to go to seattle.


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