closer to heaven than you suppose.

i have been feeling so much gratitude lately for where i am right now. i don't always express it and often times, i jokingly complain about things or how i cry three out of the seven days in a week.

but, i truly feel so loved, so lucky, so blessed.
i do feel as brim with joy as i did in may. 

after classes, i went on a nice long run through my beautiful neighborhood this afternoon and i felt so grateful for everything...the chance to live in seattle, the experiences i am having, the people i am coming to know, the things i am learning in graduate school. my ipod shuffle, as if on cue, started playing "forget me not" by president uchtdorf and a few minutes into the talk, i saw the missionaries knocking on doors on the street i was starting to run down. i was so excited to see them and though i was about two hundred feet away, i called out, "hey elders, how are you?!" they both lit up and said, "hi, we're good!" i made sure to stop and tell them they're doing a good work before i kept running down the street. 

simply vocalizing, "you guys are doing a great work!" to the missionaries, along with the words of president uchtdorf's talk, "you are closer to heaven than you suppose." did my soul so much good. it made me realize that we're all doing a great work. heaven is closer than we suppose...God is watching over us. He wants us to feel joy and love amidst this great work we are doing.

we are not forgotten, 
we are loved. 
so loved.

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