a love letter : my home

well, hello there. 

i hope i'm becoming all i need to be for you right now.
i hope falling in love with you will be as easy and as natural as possible. 

it shouldn't be a matter of "passing tests", "playing games" or "putting up fronts". 

all i want is someone to be waiting for me at home. 
someone to be my home...

my place i can come to and talk about anything. 
my place where my laugh is the loudest and my joys are multiplied.
my place where my feelings are validated and sorrows are shared.

i want to be the same for you. 
i want to be home for you. 

keep waiting for me, we'll be with each other in the blink of an eye.

always waiting for you and loving you, 

your future wife

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  1. These posts are so sweet. And I love the Peter Pan quote!


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