your love keeps lifting me higher.

Dear Future Husband, 

It's been a while since I wrote to you. I have no excuse or explanation for it, but I thought I'd let you know a few things.

Exactly one month ago, to this day, at this moment, I was driving to Seattle. probably somewhere close to the border of Idaho and Utah. I was following my parents in my car, listening to them say funny things to cheer me up on the walkie-talkies and blasting only the happiest of music. 

I was still sniffling after leaving my siblings and everything I'd known--my home of 22 years. 

I was (and I still am) taking this leap into the unknown. 
It was (and still is) exhilarating and difficult and crazy and daunting. 
The future was (is) as bright as my faith and I knew (know) I would (will) probably love every minute of what the future held (holds), good and bad. 

Despite the sniffles and piles of Kleenex in my passenger seat, my heart was soaring. 

Then, I looked at my passenger seat full of Kleenex again and my thoughts trailed off to you. 

Where are you?
Who are you?
Why aren't you here listening to music and taking this roadtrip with me? 
Why aren't you making this leap into the unknown with me?

I felt a little angry, but then, I remembered you're out there becoming who you need to be. Things felt peaceful and calm in my heart. 

I felt you'd be happy I was doing this and being brave. You, and this wait, will be worth the heartache and tears. I knew in that moment, like I know now, that we are becoming who we need to be, so we can fully dedicate and consecrate our lives to each other and to the Lord and His purposes.

This morning, I felt those same feelings. I was driving to Everett at the crack of dawn for a research conference. It was rainy and misty, but extremely beautiful. I kept wanting to turn and say to you, "Look at how beautiful this place is!" or you would've been singing along with me (I'm pretty cringe-worthy sometimes, but there's nothing better than singing in the car at the top of your lungs) or we could've laughed out loud about the awful looking peach cobbler I made last night or we could've made the beautiful drive to Bellevue together to attend the Temple the other night or one million and two other things. 

Where are you?
Who are you? 
Why aren't you making these daily leaps into the unknown with me?

The answer? We're both doing what we need to do right now; we'll be together soon enough. One of my very favorite songs came on, then I began to laugh and smile foolishly. That song can put me in the best of moods. 

It's really weird to think that I will hit my one month mark in Seattle tomorrow. 
Time has been a funny thing to me up here; a day seems like one week rolled into one. 
It seems like the life I had in Utah was ages ago. 

I hope when you arrive in my life, time will be a funny thing, too. 
I hope time makes it seem like we never left each other and then I hope time will make it seem like the blink of an eye (more or less) until we are finally man and wife, eternal companions, ready to take on whatever life hands us.
We'll be able to point out the beauty in each day, pray together, eat together, laugh together, do the ordinary day-to-day things together while building a strong and loving forever family.

"I'm so glad, I've finally found you
Yes that one-in-a-million [boy]
And I whip my loving arms around you
I can stand up, and face the world."

Can't wait to sing this song with you. We'll stand up and face the world, taking leaps of faith left and right. The future is as bright as our faith. Let's love every minute of the future, the good and the bad.

See you in the blink of an eye, 

Your loving future wife

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