the eloquence of fitzgerald.

"It was a gorgeous evening. A full moon drenched the road to the lustreless color of platinum, and late blooming harvest flowers breathed into the motionless air aromas that were like low, half-heard laughter. The open country, carpeted for rods around with bright wheat, was translucent as in the day. It was almost impossible not to be affected by the sheer beauty of the sky--almost." -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I'll say this one hundred times over: F. Scott Fitzgerald is a master with words. As most of us were, I was first exposed to him in high school when we read "The Great Gatsby". Two summers ago, I checked out all of his books from the library and read them each night on my deck in the dusk of summer nights, much like the one he describes above. 

Carey Mulligan said in an interview, 
"It's such a privilege to use this way of speaking, his language."

It's true, because who writes more illustrative, beautifully than him? 
"His language"...it truly is a lost art. 
I mean, read all of these quotes; 
this sampling does not even begin to cover all of his that I love.
 Take him or leave him, I will still always love him. 

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