on this side of the mirrored windows.

graduate school has been a rollercoaster of emotions. this whole experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions. i ugly cried in front of my supervisor yesterday during my midterm evaluation. woops.

in other news...

+ first impressions are not always accurate and i'm very grateful for that.

+ i ate so much fast food and food in general during my undergrad. it's kind of sickening. now, i hardly have time to eat. and then when i come home, i eat half a bag of chocolate chips and soup...which is not much healthier than the undergrad years. wooooo.

+ i wish i was at the jazz game tonight. should i start a petition to bring back the sonics?

+ living here is still not real to me. when i see the city skyline or all of the bodies of water surrounding me or mt. rainier in the distance, i still don't believe i live here. everything is so incredibly beautiful and fall has been so vibrant here. UW has the most picturesque campus, too.

+ my skin and hair have freaked in the humidity. humid cold is way more bitter than dry cold. i'm always cold here.

+ i gave a talk on prayer on sunday in church and that was terrifying. i'm usually fine with speaking, but i felt so vulnerable. my topic was receiving answers to prayers and keeping an eternal perspective while waiting on the Lord, hence the vulnerabilities. it turned out okay, though, i guess...i hope it did.

+ singles wards are so difficult to be in about 88% of the time. almost any singles activity is so awkward. after leaving the dia de los muertos party my roommates were throwing at my house, i went to a multi-stake dance in bellevue last friday with two guys and i left with one of them to go see captain phillips after about ten minutes. looking around the church gym at all of the awkwardness going down, we both felt it was like being 14 again and we just couldn't handle it. i miss my home ward and being a young women advisor. before i moved, they made me the cutest blanket for me and i love having it to keep me warm (because, like i said, i'm always cold).

+ i dressed up as a hippie in the wild $4 DI dress today for clinic and my partner was a zebra. our client dressed up as phineas from phineas and ferb. it was about the most darling costume in the world. if it weren't for hipaa, i could've taken a picture of him. he would melt your hearts.

+ class work/tests have been killer. seriously though, my brain is fried by the end of every single day.

+ when i'm in the mirrored clinic room with my little boy, i forget i'm being watched by supervisors, parents, students. i just focus on him and how to get him to communicate better. i know this is where i'm supposed to be. it's amazing how much i've felt the spirit while i've been at school and in the clinic. truly, i am so blessed to have these tender mercies and feel so much love and peace while i'm here. i'm so glad this will be my profession--medical speech-language pathology. it just fits perfectly.


  1. hah girl, i know how you feel! grad school can be rough...we'll be happy when we're done though!
    here is something to give you a laugh on this topic:

  2. what a post!
    grad school = a flipping grind.
    miss you.


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