"nothing more than a feeling that things would work out somehow..."

"...no indication of how or when, but it would be alright. sometimes it was an idea that would make a difference. and so it became, during portions of this experience, a matter of getting the manna just for that day, the help that could only come from Him, from God, for the moment. not the long term, just the immediate need."

thank you, ashley, for sharing this a week and a half ago. 
this is a wonderful reminder of seeking and gathering my manna each day.

"do what the day requires."

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  1. seriously, isn't it the most wonderful mormom message. (i'm pretty sure i say that about all of them.) but i just feel like this one is so applicable. i can take life one day at a time. and i'm not the only one that feels that way. love love love this message. you are simply wonderful catherine! i hope you are enjoying for first couple weeks of school! i'm loving your posts!


Thanks for making my day!

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