march 29, 2013 :: maybe don't go to yogurtland when you've had next-to-no sleep

i'm not sure why i never posted this, better late than never, right?
so funny to think about this time in my life a few months ago. 
i didn't even know at this point where i was going to go to graduate school, but i had an inkling. i remember talking with these girls that night about it and now it seems like it was forever ago.

...March 29, 2013...

two days this week, i've only had ONE hour of sleep. seriously, there was no point in me even sleeping...because i just had to wake up and get ready to go to school both mornings. folks, i picked up my cap & gown yesterday...but i may not make it to may 2&3.

luckily, i had a little thirty minute nap yesterday to get me through the rest of the day.

inserting a tangent here: i don't think this semester has not been good to my immune system  in anyway....that cold i started with in february hasn't really resolved and those migraines i started with after finals in december have been progressively getting worse. probably need to go to the doctor?

ANYWAY... last night, i got home from classes at 7:50 (well...we got out of class at 6:05, but i talked with janessa and sandy for a long time). i picked up a salad from costa vida on my way home...

inserting another tangent here: why is their raspberry chicken salad addicting/why are their tortillas amazing/why do employees of seriously every mexican restaurant i go to flirt with me?? the guy at chipotle admitted his crush on me a few weeks ago and gave me a buy one, get one free burrito/burrito bowl voucher. that's true love/uh, woops.

...ate it as fast as i could, then went to pick up tess, janalee, and carly for some yogurtland. i don't know why i was driving, but i was...and i could not hardly function. not sure why any of this happened, but...

1. i had to take my glasses off at yogurtland, so i could focus on eating my fro-yo and i had to mix everything around for a while before eating it. SORRY CARLY.

2. janalee and carly did this cool hand trick/game thing while tess filmed it and we couldn't stop laughing.
3. i kept letting out weird noises when i'd try to laugh and tess' laugh was echoing throughout the place. 
4. janalee told us about her dreams--a dream/nightmare ("less than 50 planes" and "one million, no billion glass bombs") and her sweats-like basketball gangster shorts she purchases from gen-x...called "dreams". again, we couldn't stop laughing.
5. we had to get carly some fries from DQ, because she hadn't had anything to eat. then we ended up getting a chicken basket and she threw her toast out my car window, because it tasted like someone had sprinkled Comet on it. then we all started gagging.

in short, none of us should've been out last night. 
everyone probably thought, "oh those poor souls."

more things of late:

three random comments about shopping: 

1. i think the old navy in sugarhouse is the best of the ones i have been to...i always have good finds there. 

2. why doesn't H&M make longer skirts/dresses? they are ALWAYS too short for me, unless it's a maxi skirt/dress...but i don't think those are very flattering on me? 
3. and finally, j.crew...why must you tempt me so?

three random comments about the movies coming out this summer:

1. why is chris hemsworth only in the first ten minutes of star trek? we bought tickets to an advanced showing of the new star trek. it's not like we're trekkies or anything, but we're pretty excited.

2. i'm really quite excited for the great gatsby (obviously) and it is on my to-do list to re-read it before the movie comes out.

3. why does the first twenty seconds of the trailer for iron man 3 sound more like an ad for ambien or another sleep drug rather than a movie? i always laugh so hard about it and i probably shouldn't.

three songs on repeat over and over again:

1. down in the valley-the head and the heart.
2. what is life-george harrison.
3. step-vampire weekend. who DOESN'T love this right now? so perfect.

three celebrities i would definitely consider marrying:

1. robert downey, jr. 

2. andrew garfield. (i mean, look at this)
3. bradley cooper.  

three talks i have been loving:

1. "using the supernal gift of prayer" - richard g. scott

2.  "the salt lake temple" - gordon b. hinckley
3. "his grace is sufficient" - brad wilcox

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