i'm so vain, i probably think this song is about me...

on august 16, i met up with anna on main street in bountiful for a half hour photo shoot. it was a scorching hot night and the light was interesting due to the smoke in the air from many fires in the valley. i had done baptisms for the dead at the salt lake temple earlier that day with my siblings (amazing experience that day) and my hair was still a bit crazy from it. however, we all know anna is a genius. one of the most talented miracle workers. i am so grateful she could take the time out of her busy schedule to capture these photos of me. i wanted them to remember a lot of important details of my life; i purposely wore my good luck charm ring, my shirt, and my shoes for these pictures. i wore all three of those things to my interview at UW on november 16, 2012 (exactly nine months to the day of these pictures being taken). the feelings of eternal happiness, the comings and goings of people, thoughts, emotions in my life at the point....all of it is reflected in these pictures. it's amazing to think about how much my life has changed since that interview, since these pictures were taken, and the many changes still taking place in my life. 

and this is the part when i try to look like a fashion blogger and fail miserably, ensuing the laughs. 

truly, i am in love with how these turned out. 
thank you for the wonderful chat and for making me look beautiful, anna. 
you are the very best. 


Thanks for making my day!

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