because i find myself thinking either, "uh-oh HALLO!" or "what would kathleen kelly do?" lately.

and because i found myself with a bigger break in between classes. 
gold star for getting lesson plans and reports turned in before the due dates; 
now i just have to keep that up for nine more weeks.

three of the six girls in my house are kind of and/or really dating someone. the remaining three, which i'm a part of, all live in the basement. so sometimes it makes for awkward times when you come upstairs for a study break/midnight snack or try to watch "father of the bride" (part 1 and part 2) while studying. if you don't know what "uh-oh hallo" is...just...i don't know what to say to you. here ya go.

it's a good thing i am in my field. i like to talk a lot and express my thoughts a lot, but my mind gets all flustered when i am trying to figure out things with relationships and friendships. how does someone express or share without going overboard? how do you tell if something might be more or not? how does shopgirl handle all of those things so gracefully and end up with NY152?

what has my diet been like this week? well, i will tell you, because i know everyone loves to hear an obnoxious list of everything someone's eaten. an abundance of moose tracks ice cream, left over birthday cake, chicken pot pie (homemade by one of my roommates...amazing), pb&j's galore (actually delicious almond butter instead of peanut butter, but ya know), cereal, POM pomegranate juice, steamed vegetables, and apple-cinnamon bars. woops. 

how do i get this kid into my life to talk and sing to me? oh wait, i already have a darling little client in my life to talk and sing to me :)

i've decided i'm becoming a human popsicle here. i'm constantly freezing--at home, in my building or the clinic, and obviously outside/while running errands. it doesn't matter how many layers i'm wearing or how many blankets i've layered on top of me. i've just come to accept i'll never thaw out and my hands and feet may permanently become purple. it's fine. 

in addition to the list above, i am having a major cup of noodles win right now. i had a huge fail with them two weeks ago, but today i decided to try it out again. cup of noodles + package of cashews + soy sauce + red pepper flakes is a  good combination. it would be better with some chicken, i think. but this is just fine. 

how in the world is it october already? someone posted on facebook today that there are 82 days until christmas. just process that and get excited.  
i know i am. 

oh and i got my pictures back from my amazing friend, anna
more to come, also known as: a post in which i'll appear to be super vain. but you have to see some more of anna's photography. can't get enough of it and it's too good to not share it, right?

hope you're having a wonderful thursday!

oh and here's my throwback thursday:

some things just never change: me being awkward and oblivious as ever, hope being her tall, model-y self (seriously she was six in this picture and look at how tall she is), and thomas being the cutest goof. 
thanks, thomas, for emailing me this last night and reminding me of the younger years. 
love these two so much.

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