"it's all about people" // the law of increasing returns.

I can't really remember when this was...maybe Thursday...maybe Wednesday...the days all seem like 5 days rolled into one...but the other night, I decided to do The Love Languages Quiz really quick and see what mine are. Someone had been discussing it in one of my classes and of course, I'd heard of it plenty of times. I had a pretty good guess of what my results would end up being and I was right on. Words of affirmation was the highest (11 was my score; 12 is the perfect score) with quality time and acts of service being the next highest scores. It all made perfect sense. I try my hardest to build others up and seek the positive in them, but it doesn't mean I can keep giving and giving without having someone else seek the positive in me and affirm my qualities and aspirations. I crave quality time with others and I seek to serve others and feel loved when others unexpectedly serve me. 

Earlier that day, I had been eating lunch at The Cafe on the Ave in between classes and I read this talk and these two little parts stood out to me (the talk is pretty lengthy, but really worth reading or listening to...I've done both this week): 

"It’s not wise to daydream, and I’m not recommending it. If you girls dream too much about a house or a car, some poor man will someday have to get it for you. But I recommend a little thought, not about things or places but about people. All the late crops, all the assignments God will reward in the long run that I can think of, involve serving someone else.

For example, now and then I try to think of my children as parents, perhaps older than I am now, perhaps at the end of life. ...I suppose those pictures are really visions. And you’d have to pray for them, or take them as gifts. But at least watch for them. You may catch glimmers. I have had a few. And they help.

...I pray that you won’t let the world nudge you toward spending your futures now. There are some things you should work for and expect results now. But along with getting early harvests, I hope you’ll work and wait for the late ones. That will take seeing the law of increasing returns as an opportunity, not just a test. Delayed blessings will build your faith in God to work, and wait, for him. The scriptures aren’t demeaning when they command, “Wait upon the Lord.” That means both service and patience. And that will build your faith.

It may help you to watch both for the chance to smile and the blessings around you on the way. And it may help to picture both the future of the people whom you serve for God and his promise of peace in this life."

There was a day back in July where my Grandpa said something to me; I don't remember the context so much, but this is what he said: "Catherine, it's all about people. It's all about loving and serving people." I struck such a deep chord within me. I've always known it's true and my grandpa has reflected that throughout his life. My grandpa tells everyone he loves them--my grandma, his children, his grandchildren, our extended family, waitresses, people he's just barely met, my friends, my neighbors, everyone. He answers the phone by saying, "Love you!" I guess it goes back to what I was saying I want to strive for the other day: showering the people you love with love. There have been many times where I've been worried about grandpa showing up on the 10:00 pm news for saying, "Did I tell you I love you?!" to the wrong person/crowd, if you know what I'm saying. But as I've gotten older, I've realized and especially in the recent four or five months, I've tried to be more like my grandpa and let people know that I love them, through words of affirmation, acts of service, and quality time. I am grateful for all of the time I have spent with my family, especially in the past few years, and the way it has blessed the relationship I have with each of my siblings and my parents. They are my very best friends. I could never regret the times I've spent building a friendship or deeper relationship with anyone, especially when I've had the chance to serve those in my life. 

Like President Eyring said back in 1982, it's been better for me to think in terms of serving and affirming people as I think of the future. It's been amazing to see the perspective change when it becomes all about people. I think of helping people communicate better in my career, making meals for my future family, taking care of my husband or child when they're sick, serving others in various ward callings, looking for the positive in my spouse always and trying to build him up, despite knowing he's just as imperfect as I am, and hoping he'll accept my imperfections and look beyond them. I think about being in the Temple with my whole immediate family, both present and future. I think about spending quality time with my siblings and their spouses and their kids. I can't predict what car I'll drive or what house I'll live in or anything to that extent, but when I think in terms of future, it all comes down to the little glimpses of loving others through words and actions. It's the kind of life I want to emulate and it's all about people. In return, I know the Lord will bless our lives with peace as we look for ways to serve and love others for Him. 

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