early monday morning update.

pictures of the past week-ish:
both pictures on the left are from golden gardens state park by puget sound; the right is from the waterfront activities center where we had a social with my department on wednesday evening. 

 on my first day {technically still orientation}, my roommate sarah made me breakfast. it was so sweet of her to wake up so early and make it for me! when i arrived, i couldn't believe i had my badge and folder in front of me...i sent this picture to everyone. one of my very dear friends said, ""nice gold embossed!! pretty legit!!" and i just had to laugh. after a long day of meeting people, i looked through the latest j.crew magazine, pining after things i can't buy now i'm a poor graduate student. 

this was the real first day of school picture with my roommate, debi, who is working on her master's in choral conducting. 
aren't we so cute in front of drumheller fountain? too bad you can't see mount rainier; on good days, the view is incredible from this point on campus.

on friday night, i went to my very first mariner's game; my friend asked me last minute after a long day of classes to come with him and another couple and i couldn't pass up the offer. it was a fun night of firsts--first time at safeco field, eating some ivar's fish and chips/clam chowder, and enjoying fireworks over the city after the game. the picture of us was taken by an over-eager usher. it's terribly lit and we all look pretty awful, but her reaction when we asked her to take our picture completely made our nights.
most of my time this weekend was spent studying, writing up plans and goals, and making dinner for sarah's birthday/sunday roommate dinner. chipotle pomegranate glazed chicken and salmon, served with extra sauce and pomegranate seeds {recipe here, even though i seldom follow it exactly}. side dishes were parmesan asparagus, rice pilaf, and more assorted vegetables. it was so delicious, if i do say so myself. it was kind of a crazy sunday, so it was nice to get my mind off of things by cooking and sitting down, all six of us girls in this house, to a good home cooked meal. 

by the way, 

this morning, i have my very first client 
and i already feel like this.

i'm so anxious-excited. 

(obviously, i've been scheduling all of these posts. because they're posted at weird times and i honestly haven't had all the time in the world to post...just five minutes here and there to write updates for my friends and family.)


  1. sounds like a fantastic week! i really love your blog!

  2. CUTE!! That looks like such a magical place.


Thanks for making my day!

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