august and part of september {in pictures}

{little family vacay to park city}
{sunday fun day...dad's album cover, laughing about it, cloud watching, and garrett taking fifty pictures of me, like this one, on the way home from a fireside}
 {utah natural history museum...one of the funnest and coolest things to do on a saturday afternoon! highly recommend!}
{funny frosty night, peaches (!!!), popcorn dinner at a movie...woops, and a waffle mess...woops}
{attended the temple frequently with friends, family, and on my own. from left to right, jordan river, draper, oquirrh mountain, bountiful. not pictured: logan}

{last day of my job at ncvs and last day of my job at the church}
{pike place, post alley, pike place chowder, and a view from campus}

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