why my sister is amazing and why cinderella is one of my favorite stories of all.

as you can see, i have the most beautiful sister in the world. about two weeks after she was born, i distinctly remember our family's christmas morning. i received two wonderful christmas gifts--a baby doll i named after my great grandma nellie and cinderella on VHS. i remember watching my exhausted mom sitting on the couch holding my little hope and my dad taking pictures of us with his eyes sleepily fluttering. i excitedly showed my tired parents and my baby sister what i had received from Santa, then it got quiet and i wanted to hold my new little sister. the one i had wished for and prayed about for years. truly she was the greatest gift of christmas that year, one of the greatest we have ever received. she was born the day after my great grandma nellie passed away and she brought so much love, peace, and joy to us. she has always been such a special, integral and perfect part of our family. she has continued to and she always will bring so much happiness to our home. she has grown into a beautiful young woman and i am extremely proud to call her my sister. she is such a joy to spend time with and i love going on drives and walks with her. we laugh about the weirdest and silliest things. we talk about the deep and joyful things. she has always been one to pick things up really easily and she catches on quick. for goodness sakes, she was reading harry potter in kindergarten. that's how awesome she is. she has become a wonderful tennis player in the past six months and i can't believe how good she is for the amount of time she's been playing. i don't care what anyone says, she is the best at everything she does and she's brilliant in everything she does. she is radiant. she is funny. she embodies perseverance. she is kind and she tries to emulate the Savior in her life. she lives what she believes and that is her most important quality of all.

this year, i've thought a lot about miracles in my life. i feel like if i had a theme of this year, it would be "miracles happen" and last year, it was definitely "believe in miracles". i've had so many wonderful things come to pass, but they haven't come without a lot of struggling, stretching, and searching. 

sometimes, it takes time. 
sometimes, it takes simply believing in the beauty of the process. 

i know that no one likes to hear that. i certainly don't like it, at all!
 i feel immensely blessed, but i sometimes wonder why i had to learn certain lessons or why certain things had to take so long to come about...why things are still taking so long to work out in my life. i know it all has a purpose, but it's hard not to wonder why.

since i was little, i have always loved cinderella.
it took cinderella years to finally have a miracle. 
it took time, effort, and many tears. 
then one night, she had her miracle evening, 
thanks to a fairy godmother who said, "even miracles take time."
this evening brought to pass a little more searching and heartache, 
then the shoe fit and everything began to work out. 

sometimes, it will take time.
sometimes, it will take simply believing in the beauty of the process. 

believe that miracles will happen. believe that you are in the middle of a process to bring about miracles. believe in yourself and in the road you are on. recognize the "little" miracles of each day that are helping you get to the "big ones". keep moving forward in faith. i think we've figured out life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, but we do know that we are children of God. He wants to bless you immensely and He has so much joy in store for you. you, like cinderella, will get to have your "moments at the ball" and you will be grateful for the struggles you went through so you could appreciate those joyous moments.

love you to the moon and back, forever and ever, my beautiful hopie sister.


  1. Your posts are always so inspiring! Thanks for this reminder, I needed it. Your sister is beautiful, and so are you! Love you girly!

  2. love this post so much. i love cinderella too. always my favorite.


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