"what's your name, girl?"

[remember how anna is the most talented person you'll ever know? she truly is. i am sure i'll most likely be spamming you with more of her pictures to come in the next few weeks. vain? probably.] 

i was walking my dog two sundays ago after church when i was approached by a sweet little boy who just moved in down the street from us. he was on his bike and he wanted to pet the dog. we sat down under a tree and talked about his cool "crazy flames" bike and how he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. then he said, "what's your dog's name?" i told him wilson.  he said, "i like you, wilson." and gave him a hug.
then he said, "what's your name, girl?!" i told him my name is catherine.
 then he said, "catherine, i think you're great." in the sweetest little voice.
 i told him i thought he was pretty awesome, too.

it just made my heart sing.
love the little moments in life like those.
children are so pure, kind, and wonderfully honest.


  1. What a sweet story!!! I want to keep that boy!!! Anna really is amazing but she had a pretty amazing model to shoot. Win-win. SPAM AWAY!!!

  2. anna!!!! i'm having her take some family pics for us next week!! POST MORE! unless you already did, but because i'm so behind on blogs i haven't seen them yet.

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  4. this is one of the sweetest things i've read! i love it so much! also i love that your dog's name is wilson. btw this picture is beautiful.

    i wish you would've come and said hi to me at cafe rio! i guarantee it was me!!! i wish i would've seen you, i'm usually so oblivious

    (i was signed into my husband's account - so i deleted the above comment...didn't want it to seem creepy lol)

  5. So so so cute I enjoyed reading this and it gave me goosebumps. I completely agree, kids are so kind and pure. No judgement just complete genuine love and honesty. Loved this so much!

    Kristin xx


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