eleven & eleven { thank you, jenaya! }

my sweet friend, jenaya, tagged me in her cute post and even though i did something similar a little over a year ago, it was fun to read my previous answers (i even mentioned i'd love to live in washington one day! dreams do come true!) and to get to do this again with jenaya's questions (and it was an excuse to blog). thanks for the tag jenaya! now, i tag: allie c., jessi, holly, and hope. but all of you can join in!

eleven questions: 

1 | What is your greatest accomplishment to date? Receiving my Bachelor's Degree from the University of Utah, graduating from the LDS Institute of Religion, getting into University of Washington's MedSLP program, completing a half marathon, and many, many other things I don't feel I can share. But the one thing I'm constantly reminded of is that I couldn't have done all of these things without the support of my family, friends, and most importantly, my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

2 | Gold or silver? If you'd asked me this three or four years ago, I would've said silver. But now I'm really into gold. Funny how the trend always changes. I love both of them though. 

3 | Who do you most look up to and why? My parents. I could write a whole novel about them, but simply put, they've always taught through example and trusted in the Lord. They've made it through some really hard things and their faith proves it. I love them dearly and I don't know what I'd do without the unconditional love and support they've provided for me. 

4 | What fun summer reads should we all be enjoying? This is the question to ask my sister! I haven't read much this summer, other than research/assigned reading for grad school, quite a few church books/talks, and my scriptures. But I'm looking forward to reading JK Rowling's new book, The Cuckoo's Calling, (have any of you read it and what did you think?) and rereading The Great Gatsby before I start school in September.

5 | What food or drink can you not live without? I'm going to miss Keva Juice (smoothie place in the city neighboring mine) something bad while I'm in Washington. And Cafe Rio. And Costa Vida. And a Dick's Mint Brownie (hahaha, Kelsey). And a lot of what my mom cooks! Good thing she's taught me well! :)

6 |  Do you set yearly goals? If so, what is one of them you are hoping to accomplish before the year is up? Yes, I do. I have always been a firm believer in New Year's Resolutions and carrying them out. I don't always share them with everyone, but so far, I've accomplished most of my list or I'm set to get them finished by the year's end! It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind do it!

7 | Favorite obscure YouTube videos... Go! My old roommate, Rosie, is the best person I know at lining up some good YouTube videos for as long as you'd like to procrastinate homework or something unpleasant. It's a real talent of hers. Here are just a few of them:

8 | If you could have one super power what would it be and why? This isn't necessarily a super power, but I wish I could apparate like in Harry Potter! It would be amazing!

9 | What is your guilty pleasure? (i.e.: Justin Bieber, ice cream, etc.) One of my more recent guilty pleasures is that I start a TV show on Netflix about two weeks before finals week and I go through all of the seasons while I study. Call me crazy, but it really has helped me focus. It started with Downton Abbey right before my finals of Spring 2012 and it's carried on since then to keep me focused. I don't necessarily watch every second of every episode, but I listen while I make flashcards, rewrite notes, etc. and it helps me stay awake. 

10 | Name some pet peeves that drive you crazy. Writing on chalkboards/the feel of chalk. And the feel/sound of styrofoam. People biting their fingernails. Picking scabs. Medical TV shows that have the most ridiculous, far fetched and incorrect diagnoses/treatments (cough, Royal Pains & Body of Proof, etc., cough). People who don't say thank you for the simple things and for the big things.

11 | Where is the one place you feel most content? When I am with my family, especially in nature (by the ocean, in the mountains, going on walks with them), and the Temple (whether I am in the Temple or just walking around the grounds).

eleven facts:

1| my favorite color is probably red. GO UTES!

2| i had five wisdom teeth!! they were taken out on a very snowy april day when i was in 9th grade and we almost didn't make it back home, because we had so much snow. i was too drugged to remember it, but my mom said it was one of the most terrifying drives she's ever had to make.

3| i am a chips and salsa addict. i'm pretty picky on the salsa. in fact, i made the pioneer woman's recipe tonight and it was a real winner! pinterest win! {remember this pinterest fail of mine...yikes.}

4| audrey hepburn is forever my style/life icon. she is an amazing woman. 

5| i design my dream home in my head all the time, which also explains my 1000-something home pins on pinterest. woops. sorry i'm not sorry?

6| my closet is pretty much stripes, neutrals, and dresses/skirts. 

7| i love quotes and i have many books/journals filled with quotes.

8| i think one of the weirdest getting to know you questions is "what animal would you like to be?/what kind of animal are you most like?". i don't know why it's always weirded me out, but it's increasingly become weirder (especially when it's been on a date) and i will never ask or answer it. or maybe you all think i'm the one getting increasingly weirder?

9| i have an obsession with all things british and especially the royal family. you better believe i've been reading every little thing about the new prince, kate, and william lately. i will make it to london one day and the day i do, i may not come back ;) you could say i'm a true brit at heart, but i could never deny my patriotism and my love of the United States of America. i'm truly blessed to be an american!

10| i loved making up music videos with my neighbor, kate, when we were little. you better believe our versions of everything from brittney to n'sync and backstreet boys were way better than their original videos.

11| i am a firm believer in wishing on stars, throwing coins in fountains, and every other lucky thing/way of making a wish. the most magical and wonderful things can come from making wishes and then making them a reality. 

questions for those i tagged [and whoever else would like to join in!] :

1| what was your favorite tv show/cartoon while growing up?
2| what is one of your favorite quotes that keeps you motivated during rough times?
3| what is your favorite class you have ever taken and why?
4| who inspires you and why?

5| what is your least favorite household chore?
6| what instrument do you wish you could play (aside from ones you may already play)?
7| sunrises or sunsets? why?

8| who is your doppleganger and why?
9| celebrity crushes?
10| favorite childhood board game or past-time?
11| pick a friend or sibling and write your all-time favorite memory of them.


  1. i was anti-gold for so long, but now i'm a fan. funny how things change like that over the years. jk rowling wrote ANOTHER book?!?!?! i didn't hear good things about the casual vacancy so i never read it. i had no idea there was another new book! re-reading the great gatsby is one of the best things you'll ever do.

  2. Thank you SO much for playing! Reading your responses makes me look up to you even more! You are such a delight!


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