evidence of the worst snapchatting and snow cone mess.

almost a year ago, i heard of a little thing called snapchat, but i didn't know what it was. natalie introduced me to it on holly's wedding day by taking a million close up snaps of things in my car, things at the reception, my arms, fingers, face.
 i was a little annoyed, but mainly amused. 
after all, it's pretty hilarious.
then came getting my smart phone in january and by april, i had snapchat. 
i know i'm way late to the game and the problem is...i'm like the worst snapchatter in the world. just ask the five people who are my friends on it, especially carly. 
she would testify that it's sub-par (apparently minus one of me yawning that neither of us thought to screenshot...oops) and i feel so lame, because i know a lot of you are professional at it (i'm looking at you, brissa). 
but see what i mean?

they're truly 
mediocre. bland. 
 especially when compared to the ones i have received, like these....
look at those skills.

what is it about snapchat that makes us close our eyes?
 probably that we don't want to see the horror of whatever face we're pulling.

p.s. carly, please don't kill me.

oh and this happened last night.
carly and her brother, colten, were wiping up after me, getting me napkins...

yeah, i am two, 
not twenty two.

sometimes, i feel so embarrassed for myself and for good reason!
i should not be let out of the house when i've been awake since 4:30 AM.

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Haha Catherine, I have missed you! So, my iPhone died on my honeymoon and I have been using an old flip phone. As soon as I get a new one, I am snap-chatting you!


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