Brim with Joy

So, I read this talk a few nights ago and it has been on my mind ever since. Then, I read a quote from it again in McKenzie's awesome blog post and I felt that I needed to share it as well. It is too good to not share and I'm so grateful for this knowledge, as well as the deep insights of Elder Maxwell. I hope you will go read it.

In the last few days, I have been thinking a lot about the last two years and how time is such a funny thing. Two years ago today, I was teaching Relief Society in a ward full of people I didn't know (aside from the people I attended high school with), then I was meeting my Bishop at his house to be called to be the Relief Society President of my YSA ward at the ripe old age of nineteen years old. It seems like just yesterday, but ages ago at the same time. Time is really an odd concept, but I am grateful for it--for the chance to grow, to look back, and to look ahead. I really believe that the past two years of my life have brought accelerated growth into my life; not so much physical (unfortunately, I'm stuck being the shortest sibling in my family), but more on mental, emotional and spiritual fronts. The past two years have certainly have not been free from adversity and I am continually being tested, but they have brought me many tender mercies each day. Each day has brought an opportunity to strengthen my testimony of a gospel principle. Each day has brought an uplifting quote, scripture, or insight from a friend or family member. Each day, we are given the opportunity to help others along the way. Life is ephemeral; do we take those opportunities to say kind, uplifting words? Do we share our joys more than our sorrows? Do we make the most of each day?
I've been asking myself these questions for the last little while.

Truthfully, I am still working at doing those things. We all are, aren't we? It's good to know that there is only one perfect person to become more like--The Savior; we are all working side by side as imperfect people striving towards perfection. The amazing thing is that through the Savior, we can become perfect. It is not something we'll attain in our mortal existence, but we eventually will reach that point after we do all we can and believe and live as we should. I feel so grateful to have the chance to add a drop of oil to my lamp each day, so I can continue to strive towards becoming who I'm meant to be. For example, I attended an awesome institute class last night and we discussed "Lord, I Believe" from General Conference, then transitioned into discussing the omniscience and omnipresence of our Father in Heaven. God is in the details of our lives. I'm so excited to continue to be spiritually fed every Tuesday night this summer; it was the same class I took last summer (Teachings of the Living Prophets) with the same teachers and I feel so privileged to have the opportunity to take this class. As I was getting ready for work early this morning, I was thinking about my family and I suddenly felt such a warm, loving feeling. I could almost hear my Grandpa's laugh and I felt that he wants me to have joy in life. He is helping me from the other side, along with many of my loved ones who have gone before me. I know my grandpa does want me to have joy and I know that God wants us to have joy in life. As it says in the talk by Elder Maxwell, "God is serious about joy." These are just two of many tiny drops, the moments of joy, the tender mercies I'm lucky enough to receive each day.


  1. this was absolutely beautiful. thanks for sharing!! and i'm excited to read that talk!

  2. So uplifting. Thanks for sharing Catherine!! This is what I needed to start my morning :)


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