soooo...hey there, everyone.

Hey, remember me?

Oh...well...Maybe you don't, 
because this is a real classy selfie...
at work, at 7 am. 
Of course, I'm unrecognizable.

My hair is longer than I could fit into the shot. 
Maybe I should chop it?

I know, I know. 
I had this huge blogging fest in February (thanks to a lot of you for writing!) 
and I've been kind of silent since then. 
I think I'll be back to posting here more after GRADUATION.

Just ignore the fact my tassel is a weird celery green...Merry Christmas? 
Really though, I am THRILLED. 
May 2nd and 3rd cannot come soon enough.

But for now, let me update you a bit:

We had a lovely Easter. 

My family has been on a mini vacay for Spring Break and I've been home alone with Wilson. 
More like Wilson's been home alone while I've been at work and school...
and I forgot about dinner...until about 10 PM the other night.
 {follow me on Insta (@catherine_anne20), because that's where I post stuff like that 
and I KNOW you want to know about it!}

Needless to say, we're excited to have everyone home tomorrow night.

I'm really excited for Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Star Trek in May. Then obviously, I'm planning on going to Monster's University as a birthday celebration. My cousin said I should dress up like Sulley and she could be Mike...um, no. If you aren't excited about the announcement of Finding Dory, then...I don't have much to say to you...

Now, it's time for a few lists...

Six celebrities I would probably marry:

Sidenote: I know RDJ is married. I get that. I do. Also, we all love Zac Efron, right? This made me laugh out loud. If you've been following for a while or if you know me in real life, I'm sure you could've come up with this list for me on your own. SORRYFORBEINGSOPREDICTABLE.

 Songs I've been listening to a lot lately:

Uhhhh J.T.'s new album, duh. 

Then, a lot of:

step. vampire weekend.
what is life. george harrison.
myth. beach house.
say anything. tristan prettyman.

A lot more, but those are the ones that have stood out.
Random, right?

Mainly, I am OVERJOYED that 
General Conference is here!! 
Watch or listen with me tomorrow and Sunday!

Have a wonderful weekend and take some time to relax!!


  1. top right, is that wren from PLL? melt my heart.

    1. Actually, it's Henry Cavill from The Count of Monte Cristo & Man of Steel (coming out this summer!). But Wren is TOO cute and I've actually only seen one episode of that show, oops?

  2. I laughed out loud like eight times through this post. We are such kindred spirits up in here.

    Also, Catherine. Your HAIR. Don't ever chop it. You're like a beautiful elf. Not the Keebler kind, but the straight-up Lord of the Rings kind. COME ON. You're stunning!

    Thanks for the happy entry. :) Always love reading your blog.


Thanks for making my day!

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