five quick & random things on the perfect date, april 25th.

1|  you all should try garnier fructis volume extend instant bodifier dry shampoo. it is inexpensive, it smells amazing, and it doesn't leave white residue!  for a girl with hair as dark as mine, that's always an issue for me. in the past i've used umberto dry shampoo, but i thought i'd try something a little cheaper and something that doesn't make me look like i'm becoming premature gray at times. i'm very happy with this purchase so far! (both of them can be found at target and even though it sounds like it, this is not a sponsored post...duh, obviously!)

2| i'm wishin' and hopin' and prayin' and thinkin' the thunder will win the playoffs this year. OKC is the one team aside from the jazz that i get stoked about and i love watching them play. KD is my main man. i will always be a jazz fan, buuuuut...i can't believe they just let the end of the season go. they could've kept the lakers from going to the playoffs....and they didn't. okay, let's not continue on this. it might turn into a giant sob-story-and-anger-rant sort of blog post.

3|  i posted a throwback thursday/shoutout to our dog, wilson, on instagram today for his sixth birthday.
sorry about that, friends. feel free to unfollow.

4|  yesterday, i had the worst kind of migraine in the world. i'm talking about the....can't-see-numb-limbs-throwing-up...kind of migraine and i get them at least four times a month...so, thank you evenin' star! it started at work, too, so that was a pleasure and a half. it really made my day to come home to letters from two of my favorite missionaries and some teddy grahams. (okay, all missionaries are my favorites and i know, i should quit it with the teddy grahams. #preschooleratheart). i can't say it healed the migraine really, but it made my spirit feel better. letters mean so much to both the missionaries and those they write to...and every time i get one, i laugh, i cry, and i feel so grateful for all they are doing to serve the Lord.

5|  i am starting to get connected with a lot of seattleites and i'm getting excited about the city i'll get to call home for at least two years, maybe even longer.

i have a lot to share once finals are over next week 
and there are a lot of drafts to be posted in the next few days. 

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  1. that dry shampoo needs to happen for me. i've always loved the smell of garnier.


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