the almost-sent tweets of the weekend

That moment when you take a picture of the Temple and you can't tell if it's morning or night...you just know you probably should be asleep like the rest of the world. #itwasanearlyearlyearlymorning

There really is such a thing as sleep-studying. I have NO recollection of writing this flashcard and it looks like a five year old or ninety five year old wrote it. #yikes #studyinguntiltheweesmallhours

My thick naturally wavy/curly hair sometimes has Beyonce status moments (really truly!) and then I remember I am not black and can't really sing. #majorselfesteemdrop #forgottotakeapicture #yaworkwithwhatyagot 

I took my siblings and their friends to The Croods on Friday night. Sister was basically on a date with a guy and sat at the front of the theater, I sat in the middle section with my frozen Junior Mints, and my brother with his two friends sat in the back. Just...don't ask. #whatswrongwiththispicture #mysiblingsloveme #theirfriendsdotoo #practicallyamom #joysofsinglelife

My brother always has the most beaut free throw shots, three pointers, and jumpers I have seen! #dangbeast #swagbro

Paul Rudd is BASICALLY ADORABLE. #admissionwascute #mommydaughterdate #iwishhewasinmoreappropriatemovies #cluelessfan4evr #whataregradschooladmissionscommitteessayingaboutme?! #toomanyhashtags

Mom called me "Tia" tonight, not sure why, and I instantly started singing the "Sister Sister" theme song. #sistersister #insidejokewithhope 

Should I try out to be in the next two parts of The Hobbit? I've got the braided beard down...#iknowtheyvealreadyfilmedit #longhairdontcare #easilyentertained

Sometimes I dress up my dog, because I can't dress up my siblings anymore. #easilyentertained


  1. Hahahaha. Every part of this made me laugh aloud.

    And I have been dying to see admission! I literally was saying last night that he's had me won over since Clueless... I just can't see half the movies he's in. Cutie.

  2. "i've got my own mind! i do my own style, in my own time."
    i love(d) that show. so, so much.
    these almost tweets are hilarious and i'm jealous of your beyonce status haaaaair.

  3. hahahha the theater one! i can just picture the empty rows between you guys, that's hilarious!

  4. You never cease to make me laugh :) Sounds like you have had a fun week. Love, Allie

  5. hahaha the beard!!! You crack me up :)

  6. you really should have tweated all those, they are totally tweat worthy. you are so cute.


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