a little music appreciation.

 what do...

star wars, hook, indiana jones, jaws, E.T., sabrina, harry potter, superman, jurassic park, home alone, lincoln, saving private ryan, memoirs of a geisha, and schindler's list

...all have in common?


if you don't know who john williams is, i'm ashamed of you. 
just kidding.
but really. 

he is one of my all-time favorite composers and those are just a few of the movies which include his memorable, award winning scores. 

some of my favorites are theme from sabrina (pretty much that whole soundtrack is a dream), hedwig's theme and fawkes the phoenix (all of my childhood wrapped into two songs), the iconic star wars and indiana jones soundtracks (now i want to go to disneyland for some odd reason), and the theme from schindler's list (never seen the movie, but this song is beautiful and heartbreaking...itzhak perlman!). 

see? the man is a genius. 
even jack black thinks he is "totally brill."

and bonus, his music even makes the melodica and recorder semi-bearable. 
{another one of the many, many gems you can find on youtube.}

really though.
(riiiight, brissa?)

john williams is da man.

and while we are having this music appreciation moment, just enjoy this. it's almost as good as the goat. thanks for sharing, anna!


  1. HAHAHAHA! Oh my gosh I just died. Why are those Taylor videos so funny! This is definitely a close second to the goat. Maybe I will comment about John Williams (genius) after I stop laughing! haha

  2. Don't glare at me evil-y, but I've never heard of John Williams. Composers never get the recognition they're do. I know 2 people who went to the U for Speech Pathology, but both gradauted years ago. one of them has a sweet job in Seattle after getting her masters...I think at the U. And Hollah for the U of U. That's where I got my degree.

  3. YES. Yes yes yes. I too love John Williams, and I love that you posted this. I feel his music in my soul. Loooooove. So much.

  4. UM, yes. I went to that tribute concert over the summer at Wolftrap, so cool. STARWARS is da bomb. That's all. Love you!


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