You & I -- Stephanie from The Artist and The Architect (a&a)

Um, what happens when musical talent, beauty, a ukulele, husband + wife + dog come together? 
I was tickled pink when I saw an email with a video in my inbox. I had no idea what I was in for, but I couldn't help but laugh/tear up/sing along while watching this. We all know this Ingrid Michaelson song, but I think they do a fantastic job of it (maybe you guys could open at an Ingrid concert?). I started reading about Nick & Stephanie a little over a year ago and I love seeing their creativity and the life they have made together. They are just too cute, so make sure you visit their blog and enjoy this little video as much as I did.
Nick & Steph, you two really outdid yourselves. 
Thank you SO much for sharing your talents and participating!

Hey guys! As we celebrate this wonderful month of love, we want to share with you something that makes us happy. We are in love, and we sing songs together. One of our first dates was when he tried to teach me how to play the ukulele. Remember to always do something together that you love & remember to be silly always

Love, The Hammers


  1. This is such a beautiful series of posts on love! I just read every single one and LOVED it :). It's so nice to read everyone's opinions and views on what love means! Thank you!

    Rachael xx.



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